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An Ahwazi child shot dead by Iranian security officer

According to reliable sources quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that the Iranian police officer committed heinous crime against Ahwazi child on Monday evening the 24th of October 2016.

Raghad Sari son of Abbas with age of three, while she was with her parents that are Mr. Abbas sari with age of 41 and Mrs Zohur sari, died in “Ayatolah Karami” hospital instantly after Iranian security forces opened fire on the vehicle of her parents’ car.

The incident taken place in such way that the Raghad’s parents were in the car with her heading back to home, where the police officer where hiding near to the Ahwaz capital-Mohammareh junction and by getting the Raghad’s parents car closer, the security forces jumped in the middle with gun trying to stop the car and Raghad’s dad by the fear of that men are trying to mugging his car, accelerate speedy that led to shoot his car by live bullet that casue the death of Ahwazi child Raghad and severely injured Mum.

Reliable source who saw the Raghad’s body in the coroner said that the Raghad has received two live bullet on her chest and neck the led to her death while her mum still in intensive care unit of the hospital. The Iranian intelligence service has summoned the Raghad’s relative and warned them not to make official mourning.

Raghad’s dad was arrested rapidly after the incident where there is no exact news about Mr. Sari’s fate that increases the fear of being tortured by security forces while he is suffering from physiological and spiritual pressure of losing his three years old girl.

The news of the death of the Raghad has spread out in social network is very large scale, where the Ahwazi Arab people raised placards and banners in football match between “Foolad Ahwaz” and “Isteghlal Tehran” in solidarity with a killed Ahwazi child and denounced the crime of shooting perpetrated by the Iranian security forces and demanded the justice for the perpetrators.

It is worth to mention that the Ahwazi chilren’s suffering can not be illustrated by a report or article, where the Ahwazi children miseries starts from first steps i.e. entering the school that is in contradiction with their mother tongue and leading to lots of children leaving the school for not coping with Iranian language.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has published a news of the death of Ahwazi child due to air pollution on the 25th of February 2015 which his age not exceeding three. Meanwhile there are photos received by ACHR shows that an Ahwazi child died due to being sink in sewage canal with complete negligence of the Iranian authorities.

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