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Is it Eid Al-Fitr or State-of-War declared by Iranian occupation regime against Ahwazi people?

Is it Eid Al-Fitr or State-of-War declared by Iranian occupation regime against Ahwazi people?

Similar to previous years and on the eve of Eid al-Fitr, Ahwazi people throughout the occupied country welcoming this special event with dance and music and shopping various sweets and confectionary for prospect visitors who visit them for this holy occasion. 

Ahwazi people specially youths across the region celebrate the Eid Al-Fitr in their traditional way such as wearing their Arabic clothes  as well as chanting heroic poems defying the Iranian occupation regime and its anti-Arab policies aimed at exterminating Arab identity from Arab region of Al-Ahwaz.

Due to high rate of COVID-19 infection among Ahwazi people, apparently #SocialDistancing has no respect among Ahwazi people as result of poor management by Iranian occupation regime. Ahwazi people being asked to show their commitment in respect to COVID-19 and staying at home but as result of severe poverty and worst families economic condition in addition to no support been made from government to the people, made people unable to stay at home and continue to do their works to strive the impoverishment.

Lack of basic life necessities provided by occupation regime and poor management intensified the COVID-19 infection among Ahwazi people and led to increase of death rate between Ahwazis in which Ahwazi people for surely belief that Iranian regime uses COVID-19 as weapon to get rid of  maximum number of Ahwazi under pretext of global pandemic.

The Eid Al-Fitr 2020 has been named as “Challenge Eid” by Ahwazi nation as result of Iranian criminal regime heinous policies such as wiping off Arabic identity of Al-Ahwaz and other barbaric measures exercises against defense-less Ahwazis.

Videos documents summing extra police forces to harass and arrest Ahwazis

Ahwazi activists has documented through various videos presence of massive Iranian police and security forces been summoned from Ahwazi neighboring provinces to Ahwazi occupied cities and villages.

The forces summoning comes as an aggressive pressure to intimidating, horrifying and finally preventing Ahwazi people from celebrating the Eid Al-Fitr. Ahwazi people looks to Eid Al-Fitr as a national event to confront the Iranian criminal regime.

  1. On the Eid Al-Fitr eve, the Ahwazi activists has recorded video showing the extra forces are summoning from neighboring Ahwazi province for the matter of suppressing any Ahwazi movement during Eid Al-Fitr.
  • Another video recorded from “Mallashyeh” neighborhood of Ahwaz capital showing in the morning of Eid Al-Fitr large number of vehicles accompanied by intelligence and police forces heading to different area of Ahwaz capital.
  • Video documenting group of riot police riding bikes in Abadan city loaded with military equipment and weapons.
  • Video from “Althawrah” neighborhood of Ahwaz capital shows an Iranian police car passing amidst people who are celebrating Eid Al-Fitr in move to intimidate them from celebration but Ahwazi children were disregard the Iranian police and showed no fear.
  • Another video from “Althawrah” neighborhood of Ahwaz capital that witnessed extra presence of Iranian occupation police forces this year.
  • Last video document the massive number of Iranian police and security forces riding motorcycle and driving 4*4 vehicle heading towards “Mallashiyeh” neighborhood of Ahwaz capital according to the video recorder.  

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