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Urgent appeal from Ahwazi Centre for Human Right to all human rights defenders

The Iranian Judiciary court has recently verified death sentence row to innocent Ahwazi detainees named as Ali Chobeyshat and Sayed Khaled Mousawi where it added another human right violations against Ahwazi Arab.



The Ahwazi Centre for Human Right (ACHR) declares its intensive concern regard mentioned detainees where prisoners circumstances  were interrupted from their families and their lawyers since the unfair death sentences has been issued.

ACHR also amid suspicions on the rule that being mainly implemented , where it expresses  strong condemnation and denunciation of these invalid provisions and emphasizes that the provisions are illegal and contrary to  all international laws.


ACHR calls to stop the in-humanitarian provisions of the death penalty immediately and without any preconditions,and to release of all Ahwazi prisoners,and at the same time calls on all foreign and Arab human rights organizations for immediate action to prevent the execution of our innocent prisoners .


ACHR also appeal to the Special Rapporteur of the United Nations Mr. Ahmed Shahid,Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch for immediate action to investigate the prisoners situation so that Ali and Khaled’s families  knew their fate.

Both men were arrested in November 2012 and taken to a Ministry of Intelligence detention centre in Ahwaz. They were held in solitary confinement without access to a lawyer or relatives for over seven months, during which they are understood to have been tortured or otherwise ill-treated.

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