The Ahwazi prisoners’ situation and arrest in January 2019

  1. Mr. Mahdi Khani Pour (Helfie)

Mr. Mahdi Khani Pour (Helfie) has been started hunger strike on Wednesday the 16thof January 2019 in a protest against his refusal to participate in the funeral of his father and this prompted him to strike food and water.

After the death of Karim Khani pour (Helfi), father of the prisoner, his family asked the authorities to allow him to participate in the funeral, but the Iranian judiciary and security authorities prevented him from joining his father mourning.

Prisoner Mahdi Khani Pour was born in 1984 in “Talbumah” village which located in the north of Al-Ahwaz and he was arrested on 24thof March 2014 by the Iranian intelligence service.

In the section fourth of the Revolutionary Court, Mr. Khani Pour was sentenced for 17 years on charges of joining to Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Al Ahwaz(ASMLA) and “Moharebeh (enemy with god)”.

This young man is currently serving his sentence in the Sheyban prison.

  • Mr.  “Hassan Bait Abdullah”

In the similar context, the safety of an Ahwazi political prisoner at “Masjid Suleiman” Prison is in high danger. 

According to human rights activists within Ahwaz that Mr.  “Hassan Bait Abdullah” has been subjected to severe torture so that the prison officers are beaten him while he is locked up to bars and beat him continuously on Friday the 4thof January 2019.

The prisoner’s torture comes after he protested against prison authorities’ unlawful treatment and pressures against his cellmate.

The prisoner’s relatives, put the full responsibility of their son’s torture and illegal, inhumane behaviour, to “Khosrow Hashem pour”, the head of Masjid Suleiman Prison.

Mr. “Hassan Bait Abdullah”, 32, a resident of Susa (Shush), was arrested by the Iranian Intelligence Agency in September-October 2015 and was sentenced to 25 years in prison at the Masjid Suleiman Prison in a revolutionary court on charges of taking action against the country’s security and Moharebeh (Enemy with God).

  • Mr. Abdullah Cheldawi

Another Ahwazi prisoner named as Mr. Abdullah Cheldawi, a cultural activist arrested in October 2018 and currently in Sheyban prison, suffers from severe kidney pain and is repeatedly referred to a prison’s clinic and need to go to city’s hospital, but prison authorities prevent his transfer to the hospital.

The lack of heating facilities in Sheyban prison during the winter season has caused the prisoners to be severely under pressure from the cold, and this is where elderly and sick prisoners are under double pressure in the Sheyban prison in Ahwaz capital. Most of the Ahwazi detainees has complained to their families through their calls about the cold cells of the prison and asked for warm clothes. In contrast the prison administration has also prevented the arrival of warm clothing to prisoners.

Mr. Abdullah Chaldawi was born in 1979; married and has four children from “Althawra” (Alawi) district of Ahwaz capital and one of Ahwaz’s cultural and civil activists.

Despite the disastrous situation of Ahwazi prisoners and prisons’ overwhelming from detainees, extraordinary detentions are still ongoing in all part of Al-Ahwaz, according to human rights activists from Ahwaz quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights.

The “Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas” headquarters in Ahwaz capital arrested two Ahwazi citizens, named as Khalil Khasraji, 30, and Hashem Afari, a resident of Mallashyeh district, southwest of Ahwaz capital, and transferred them to an undisclosed location on Wednesday 2ndof January 2019.

An Ahwazi young named as Mr. Fouad Salemi, son of “Mashkur”, from the Qal’at Kana’n district of Ahwaz capital has been arrested without prior notice by Iranian intelligence agency on Tuesday the 8thof November 2019. 

 Mr. Fouad Salemi was arrested previously on charges of participating in protests and was released on bail of 500 million Tomans until the judgements’ day.

Another two Ahwazi young named as Mr. Sami Sagouri and Mr. Abdul Qader Delphi from “Althaura” (Alawi) district of Ahwaz capital were arrested by the intelligence agency and transferred to an unknown location on Sunday the 13thof January 2019.

There is no information on the reason for the detention and the exact location of these two Ahwazi residents until now, and their families are unaware of their situation.

Mr. Ali Ayashi, 23, son of Faleh, civil activist from Mallashyeh district of Ahwazi capital was arrested by the Iranian intelligence agency on Sunday the 20thof January 2019.

Mr. Ayashi’s family has asked the different department of Iranian intelligence and military offices but t no one has respond for their son’s whereabouts. 

Hassan Alwani, from “Althaura” (Alawi) district of Ahwaz capital was arrested by the intelligence agency and transferred to an unknown location on Wednesday the 23rdof January 2019.

In the similar that is on Wednesday the 23rdof January 2019 two Ahwazi young named as Qais Chayan (Kaabi), 25, and Malek Abdullahi (Kaabi), 24, from the Khalf-Moslem village in the city of Susa were arrested by the Iranian intelligence service agents.

According to human rights activists, Iranian security forces stormed the homes of these two citizens in early morning (5 am), causing horror among the children and women in the village. The security forces entered the homes of Qais Chayan (Kaabi) and Malik Abdullahi (Kaabi) without taking a judicial provision and took the detainees after an inspection.

Mr. Waleed Zubaidi, 27, son of Khalid, a cultural activist of Khalafieh city (Ramshir / Khalfabat) was arrested by the intelligence agency on Thursday, 24thof January 2019.

Report by: Hossein Abdolkhani

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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