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Mass arrests against Ahwazi activists

The Iranian security forces has arrested two Ahwazi young from Hamidiyeh city on Tuesday the 7thof August 2018.

According to reliable source quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that, the two Ahwazi young named as Mr. Saeed Sarkhi and Mr. Sajad Khazraji both from Hamidiyeh city were on Tuesday the 7thof August 2018.

According to sources stated that the house of the both detainees were raided and searched totally followed by intelligence service surrounding homes completely.

Also in the similar date that is Tuesday the 7thof August 2018 the Iranian security forces has arrested another two Ahwazi young from Hamidiyeh city and ACHR has identified their names as follows:

  • Razaq Obeidawi with age of 24,
  • Abbas Obeidawi with age of 30.

In the similar and unprecedented case, the Iranian intelligence service has arrested an Ahwazi famous singer on Monday the 6thof August 2018.

Ahwazi singer named as Sattar Sawari son of Jabbar (also known as Sattar Khaliji), while he was at his home in “Althoura” district (Kuyeh Alawi) in Ahwaz capital, were arrested on Monday the 6thof August 2018.

According to source quoted that the Ahwazi singer were protesting against the Persian theatre play that were abusing the Ahwazi Arabic dreess and that reason has raised the anger of the Iranian intelligence service for arresting him.

” Sattar ” is famous for his national songs in the Ahwazi celebrations and events where it became a free voice, which condemns the crimes of the Persian occupation and its arbitrary policies against the Ahwazi people.

The Iranian security services has arrested an Ahwazi poet from the Susa city, On Wednesday, 1stof August 2018.

Reliable sources quoted to ACHR that the arrest of the Ahwazi poet named as Mr. Sadiq Kaabi by the Iranian intelligence service were carried out on Wednesday morning from his home in the Susa city, that is located 120 km north of Ahwaz capital.

The sources added that the Iranian intelligence took Mr. Kaabi from his home to an unknown destination, refusing to disclose the place or reason for his arrest.

It is noteworthy that the Mr. Kaabi had poems in solidarity with the “Thirsty” uprising, which began from the Mohammareh and Abadan cities and then to the majority of the Ahwaz cities, due to the worse living situation and the lack of necessary life services improvement.

The Iranian security forces has arrested anAhwaz citizen and took him to an unknown destination On Thursday, the 19thJuly 2018.

Sources quoted to ACHR that forces belong to “Abu al-Fadl Abbas” headquarters in Ahwaz capital arrested Mr. Fouad Sakhrawi resident of Althoura (Kuye Alawi) district.

The sources added that the Revolutionary Guard threatened the family of Mr. Sakhrawi not to come to the headquarters of the guard to inquire about him, refusing to give any information about his health and place of detention.

In the same context, ACHR sources quoted news of an Ahwazi named as Mr. Ahmed Sakouri, who has been in detention for nearly two months in the prison, where the sources said that the Iranian intelligence prevented the prisoner from seeing his family during this period.

“The Iranian intelligence service prevented the court from issuing a financial document for the his temporarily release until his trial, source added.

Ahmad Sakouri, 28, recently married and due to his cultural activities, was arrested by the Iranian intelligence service on 17 June 2018.

An Ahwazi young been kidnapped by Iranian intelligence service on 17thof July 2018 and his family completely unaware about their son since his disappearance.

Mr. Reza Moramazi son of Jasem, single, resident of Sareyeh village, his family searched almost all intelligence offices where they were unsuccessful in finding their son.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns the arbitrary and random arrest against Ahwazi youth and request United Nations special rapporteur Mr. Javaid Rehman to condemn the brutal arrests against Ahwazi young as well as their unconditional release.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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