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The Ahwazi activist Karim borwayeh at risk of imprisonment

The Ahwazi activist Karim Borwayeh Who was released on bail and who has been detained several times, faces the risk of being implemented due to his summon to court again recently.

Mr. Karim is married and has three children, was a teacher and journalist for the local newspaper “Sawt Al_shaab” (voice of the nation). he was recently released but faces a prison sentence for organising solidarity protest with Aljalizi village farmers in the dasht Al_abbas district in northern Ahwaz reigon.

He was arrested by the intelligence service in Ahwaz capital for the demonstration that took place in December 2017 in solidarity with the protest of Aljalizi village farmers and the farmers whose agricultural lands confiscated by the Iranian army ( Army staff Logistics Organisation).

He remained for a month and a half in a secret detention centre of the Iranian intelligence service in Ahwaz.

He was temporarily released on bail and will be trailed on charges of holding protest against the regime in the Ahwaz capital and was former prisoner for 9 months during the 2005 uprising and has a suspended sentence for six years for the 2005 uprising protest.

And now with his retrial, there is concern from the implementation of the previous judgement may he confront.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns the imprisonment, harassment and pressure on Ahwazi activists and calls for an end to all arbitrary practices perpetrated by Iranian regime and to ensure the freedom of peaceful activity of Arab activists in order to defend the rights of their oppressed people.

Report written by Hossein Abdelkhani

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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