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74 lashes and fines against Ahwazi activists

“The Iranian Revolutionary Court¹” in the city of Ahwaz, sentenced two Ahwazi activists Seventy-four lashes and pay a fine of seventy million riyals against Ahwazi activists named as Reza Hazbawi and Amin Nasseri.

Reza Hazbawi is a poet from the village of “Qal’at Kanaan” in “Kut Abdallah” district.

He had a Precedents of arrest and imprisonments due to his poems.

Amin Nasseri from “Aldarwishiea” city, a graduate of law college of the University of Abadan,

He was constantly involved in vigils against transferring the “Karun River²” to Persian cities. They were activists in the field of Arab culture.

The activists were accused chanting anti-regime slogans; the slogans were demanding the civil rights of Al_ahwaz Arabs nation. This was during the funeral of the Alahwazi poet funeral “Sattar Saiyahi³” in November of 2012.

After the funeral, they were arrested by the intelligence service but later released on bail But their case was not closed after the release they have been summoned to the court several times over the past years, but without any decision or Terminate their cases and in each judgement session, the period was extended until they were called back again to the court a few weeks ago and the judge informed them the sentence at the beginning of 2018.

1_The Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal is a court that was established on 24 February of 1979, on the orders of Mr Rouhollah Khomeini After ratifying the constitution, this court became one of the Islamic Courts which has intrinsic jurisdiction over other courts of justice.

2_The Karun River is the largest and longest river in Ahwaz and faces the risk of drought due to the transfer of water to Persia lands.

3_Sattar Sayahi (Abu suror) was national and epical poet, assassinated by the Iranian intelligence service in 11. November.2012.


Report written by Hossein Abdelkhani

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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