Arrest and worst condition of Ahwazi prisoners

Iranian intelligence service has arrested an Ahwazi young and took him to unknown location on 1st of February 2018.

Mr. Qasem Haidari with age of 30, from “Sayahi” neighbourhood of Ahwaz capital been kidnapped by security service in the first day of February 2018.

Prisoner Qasem while he was in his work (renting car) and standing by his work’s door, been kidnapped by two security forces cars (Pegout 405) and the agents were wearing civil clothes, where there is no news about Mr. Haidari up to writing of the report.

In speak with one of the Mr. Haidari’s friend stated that Mr. Haidari is an active person in social media such as Facebook and Twitter where he speaks about his nation’s suffering by Iranian regime.

Mr. Haidari’s friend said that during the arrest, he asked the security agents about the reason of arrest but they refused to answer as he was beaten by security officer.

Another Ahwazi young been kidnapped by Iranian security forces on 14th of February 2018.

Detainee named as Khaled Amouri with age of 28 from “Mashaali” neighbourhood of Ahwaz capitalbeen kidnapped after been severely beaten and they put a bag on his head and took him to their cars, which did not have plate numbers.

In similar context another an Ahwazi prisoner named as Ali Mazreah that is currently in Iranian prison is critical situation.

Mr. Mazreah’s health is in dangerous condition after being barbarically tortured by Iranian security force and that led to break of his chest bone and the prison incharge refuses to issue treatment permission.

Mr. Mazreah has an infection that led to numbness in his feet and he is unable to walk and been moving from place to another place by his prison’s friend.

Mr. mazreah’s family is unable to pay his treatment due to severe poverty and in many times been refused to visit his mother in prison.

Mr. Ali still suffering from pain and the prison officer refuses to give permit for his treatment as been opposed by Iranian intelligence service.

Report by: Ali Bouazar

The Media Centre for Ahwazi Revolution – The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front

Date: 18-02-2018

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