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Iranian authority kills demonstrators who express their humanitarian demands

Iranian authority kills demonstrators who express their humanitarian demands

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights strongly condemns the heinous crime carried out by Iranian Authorities That caused the killing of Ahwazi innocent

citizen “EjbaraaTamimi”, who  did not perpetrate any guilt  except, contacting  Al-ArabiyaTV correspondent and transferring some information about the methods

of  infliction  that the Iranian security services enacted against Ahwazi Arab protesters who staged a peaceful demonstration to express their humanitarian

.demands in a peaceful means in “Ahwazis Rage Day” on 14/04/201

In the Ahwazi  Centre For Human Rights after received news of the martyrdom of the Ahwazi citizen EjbaraaTamimi”, from news agencies led by the

venerable Al-Arabiya TV and strong condemnation of this heinous and non-humanitarian act, in addition to the execution of other nine Ahwazi Arabs,

executed by Iranian authorities in 05.08.2011 whom were  Ali Heidari (25 years) and Jasim Haidari (23 years) and Nasser Heidari (21 years) an Amir

Maaoui and Ali Naami and Amir Badawi and Ahmad Nasseri (23) and Hashem Hamidi (16 years) a youth who was a minor in the age of sixteen years and

his head was dissented from his body during the hanging we call on all free nations that respect the human and safeguard  their right as well as United

Nation and all human rights organizations, Amnesty international and Human Right Watch, UNPO ( Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization) and

all the follower bodies and committees, to bear their responsibility and take action against the fascist regime in Iran to force him to stop the commission o

.other inhumane crimes

In addition we call on the United Nations and Human Rights Council to take decisions more disciplinary against all the men of the apartheid regime and the

.reactionary hoping that they can discourage these criminals from the commission of bloody crimes against human in the map of Iran

.Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

.Founding member of the international coalition against the impunity of Iran

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