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Opening of Nations without Stat

Online: Nations without States is a new organisation that is based upon the concept and promotion of self-determination i.e. the right of a national peoples to choose how and who should rule them. It was formed by an Englishman (Graham Williamson), a Sikh (Jagdeesh Singh), and a Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam MP (Yogi Sockalingam).e

One of its aims is to be a platform for various national causes to showcase their claims as well as facilitate cooperation between self-determinist groups. It has already recruited Ahwazis and many other national activists.e

Launched on the anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights 10th December 2012, it handed to the UN, the EU and the British Government its own Declaration for Self-Determination calling for the concept to be accepted as a human right.e

Its activities and aims are unique. If you want to get involved to help progress the Ahwazi Arabs (and other peoples) cause please sign up to their facebook group to learn and act!e

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