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Ahwazi Arab student tortured by a Persian teacher

An Ahwazi Arab student (pictured) in the district of Al-Janabi, south of Al-Ahwaz

subjected to severe and barbaric torture by a Persian teacher and following this act was transferred to one of the Persian region’s hospital on 17-December 2014.

According to reliable resource that is close friend to victim, forgetting of homework completion and not obeying teacher’s order was the reason of severe torture exercised against Ahwazi student.

Eyewitnesses said the student was taken to a Persian area for treatment where he could not be treated in Al-Janabi district’s hospital due to the lack of medical staff and specialist, and this situation reveals the huge size of severe torture practices against Ahwazi Arab students by the Persian teachers and also at the same time reveals the deterioration of the health sector in Al-Janabi district from the acute shortage of medical specialists.

Most of the Al-Janabi district’s student complains about the deliberate neglect in the education sector of their areas, which include few classes, schools and lack of the necessary specifications for schools, where the number of students in Al-Janabi district reaches to more than 15 thousand students spread over all academic levels – elementary, secondary and high school.

The education condition is also extremely shocking as the Arab students of rural areas in elementary schools ranked as amongst the most deprived students in terms of having access to basic educational services.

In addition to the lack of educational facilities, the schools of Al-Janabi district are facing with shortage of qualified teachers.  The students are also having real problems for going to long-distant schools due to lack of paved roads and transport means.

As the winter is approaching, the poor students have to bear the cold temperature of classrooms because there is not any heating system in the classes and often rainwater drips through the classrooms’ roofs.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns Iranian teachers barbaric torture practises against defenceless Ahwazi Arab students and calls upon all human rights organizations especially to United Nations Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran Dr. Ahmad Shaheed to put pressure on Iranian authorities to stops the inhumane crime against innocent Ahwazi Arabs.


Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

Member of International Association of rights and freedoms


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