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ACHR condemns the collective provisions’ issuance against Ahwazi Arab detainees

The Iranian revolutionary court in Ahwaz capital has issued mass provisions against seven innocent Ahwazi Arabs from Hamidiyeh city and three of them at imminent risk of execution by the authorities.

All detainees been arrested in April last year in Hamidiyeh city and they have been subjected to worst kind of physical and psychological torture by intelligence service as well as detainees’ families exposed to severe harassment and threats resulting in forced confession been taken while they have denied from lawyer or any legal service.

Following names been sentenced to death and at imminent risk of execution:

1) Qeis Saleh Obeidawi

2) Ahmad Saleh Obeidawi (Qeis’ brother)

3) Sajad Hamid Obeidawi (Qeis and Ahmad’s cusin).

Also the following names been sentenced to heavily long term imprisonment:

1) Hassan Saleh Obeidawi to 25 years’ imprisonment

2) Mohammad Helfi with age 25 to the 35 years’ imprisonment in Yazd city

3) Mehdi Moarabi to 25 years’ imprisonment

4) Mehdi Abbas Sayahi to 35 years’ imprisonment in Yazd city.

The Iranian intelligence always accusing the Ahwazi activist with a ready made charges such as “enemy with god”, “corruptions on earth” and “propaganda against the national security” where the detainee that been sentenced to death also accused with assassination of revolutionary guard officer five year ago. Notably the Iranian authorities has arrested four Ahwazi Arab youth from Hamidiyeh in same accusation and sentenced one to life imprisonment and others to twenty years and exile to other Iranian city.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns the Iranian judiciary system iniquitous collective provisions’ issuance against Ahwazi Arabs and denying them from basic prison standards such as having lawyer or any other legal aid where the Centre calls upon all human rights organizations and defenders to put pressure on Iran for moratorium on executions to save the life of inoffensive Ahwazis where the execution could take place at any time.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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