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Arrest and prison sentences against Ahwazi poets

Reliable source quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Right that the Iranian intelligence service has arrested an Ahwazi poet named as Shaker Bawi and took him to unknown location on Wednesday the 25th of May 2016.

The source added that intelligence service has raided Mr. Bawi’s house dawn today where it has wreaked the house accommodation and after beatings and insulting the detainee, arrested him and left a state of terror and fear over the family.

Mr. Bawi is married and has kids and living in Kut Abdullah, east of Ahwaz capital and his health condition seriously deteriorated due to torture that been subjected to during to his arrest.

The intelligence service did not express any comment regards Mr. Bawi’s arrest and the family has no news so far.

I similar context, an Ahwazi Arab poet named as Mr. Ali Matroudi sentenced to one-year jail by Falahiyeh revolutionary court on Wednesday the 18th of May 2016 over his poem that was recognized an attempt by the poet to raise awareness among Ahwazi Arab people.

Mr. Matroudi, 40 years old, married with three kids was arrested by the intelligence service for his contribution in a commemoration of the Mollah Fadil Sakrani’s death in late December 2013, and the court has summoned him after he was released on bail, to issue sentence of one-year imprisonment against his poet and court has warned him that they will seize his house if he refuses the court decision.

Iranian authorities carrying mass arrest against Ahwazi poets after Eid Fitr celebration or any other event as they fear from Ahwazi poems where an Ahwazi poet name as Satar Sayahi been arrested in late 2012 and shortly after his release, died in suspicious way that brought international aspect that his death were marked as suspicious.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights strictly condemns an Ahwazi Arab arbitrary arrest that were carried out without legal notice or warning and calls upon human rights organizations to criticize Iranian vicious policies against defend less Ahwazis. The Centre also calls upon Iranian authorities to release Ahwazi detainees without any condition.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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