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Arrest of 1,000 protesters in Al-Ahwaz

After several days of demonstrations in Falahieyh (Shadegan), Iranian security forces arrested hundreds of Ahwazi people all over Al_Ahwaz in recent days. Most of the arrests taken place against Ahwazi activists in Falahieyh’s villages such as Saedi, Khorosi, Abboudi. all detainees been accused of participating in the demonstration against regime on Tuesday 2nd of January 2018.

According to human rights activists within Al-Ahwaz quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights that, hundreds of Falahieyh (Shadegan) activists were arrested and detained in recent days, most of them were transferred due to LACK OF SPACE for detainees from the Iranian security office detention centre that is near the Falahieyh governor’s office to the Sheyban prison (Ahwaz Professional Complex).

In recent days, since the beginning of protests, hundreds of people have been arrested in Ahwaz capital, Hamidiyeh, Abadan, Khafajiyeh and Maashour (Mahshahr), Masjed Soleiman and Dezful demonstrations.

in addition to arresting, thethe Iranian security office summoned Dozens of Arab activists who has had a history of imprisonment because of the cultural and political activities.

The names of some of the detainees are as follows:

Falahieyh city (Shadegan):

  • Aref Nawaseri with age of 29,
  • Yousef Nawaseri with age of 24,
  • Adel Nawaseri with of 26,
  • Yaghoub Alnaser with age of 21,
  • Ramadan Alnaser
  • Hesham Alnaser with age of 16,
  • Ali Alnaser with age of 51,
  • Khalaf Alboghebiesh with age of 27,
  • Morteza Rami with age of 24
  • Amir Alboghebiesh with age of 23,
  • Mohsen Alboghebiesh with age of 29,
  • Sadegh Asakereh with age of 27,
  • Saad Asakereh with age of 25,
  • Hassan Asakereh with age of 23,
  • Waleed Bereihi with age of 20,
  • Khaled Alboghebiesh with age of 31,
  • Omid Alboghebiesh with age of 25,
  • Morteza Alboghebiesh with age of 27,
  • Abdolhosein Alboghebiesh
  • Yaghoub Shaykhani with age of 27,
  • Shayea Shaykhani with age of 24,
  • Yousef Shaykhani with age of 31,
  • Mohammed Khayati with age of 30,
  • Sami Matrodi with age of 26,
  • Sayed Abbas Oshal
  • Hamed Shaykhani
  • Ali Akbar Asakereh
  • Majid Asakereh


Names of the detainees in Ahwaz capital are as follows:

  • Ali Bawi
  • Mahmoud Herizawi
  • Ali Neisi
  • Hamid Neisi
  • Ali Sharafi with age of 17,
  • Emad Demniwith age of 17,
  • Sajad Daylami
  • Hadi Shamusi with age of 23,
  • Mohammed Shamusi with age of 27


Names of the detainees in Hamidiyeh city are as follows:

  • Poet Abbas Saedi
  • Salem Atshani
  • Esmaeel Obeidawi
  • Salman Abayat
  • Ali Ghanem


Names of the detainees in Khafajia city are as follows:

  • Salah Mazreah
  • Nabi Mazreah
  • Falah Mazreah


According to the latest findings, the actual arrests are as follows: Falahieyh (Shadegan), more than 500 people, Hamidieh, 50, Kouvy Darvishayeh (Islamabad), 12 people, Ahwaz capital, 300, in total, the total number of detainees in all cities is 1000 person been arrested. due to the security climate in the region, human rights activists have not yet received the identity of other detainees in the Abadan, Masjed Soleiman, Ma’ahour and Dezful districts, but there are reports that dozens of people were arrested in these cities.

In the next report by the Ahwazi Centre for Hhuman Rights, the names of all detainees will be published as the centre received almost all the names of detainees in all over Al-Ahwaz.

Local sources stated that a lot of people were arrested in these days, and even some of them were not involved in any kind of protests, so far there is no information about the identity of the rest of the detainees and their fate.

One of the relatives of the detainees says that after a demonstration on Tuesday second of Janueary 2018 in Falahieyh (Shadegan), the governor and the commander of the security forces and the head of the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij in Shadegan met with the Trustees of the city and threatened them for stopping their sons from going out in the protest in the city.

It is noteworthy that the people of Falahieyh (Shadegan) were present at the Municipality and Choma squares in the 2nd of January, and with the slogan of al-Sha’ab Yerid al-Isghat al-Nazam (people calling for the overthrow of the regime) and burning pictures of Khamenei and Khomeini And all the religious banners in the city centre, have been attacked by the Iranian anti-riot police , who have been involved in the city for several hours by firing tear gas and bullets towards the demonstrators. The average number of people present in the demonstration is estimated at more than four thousand persons.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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