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An Ahwazi Arab child victim of Iranian authority practices

The reliable human rights activists from Ahwaz stated that, an Ahwazi Arab child named Mohammad Farhan Al-Haidari from Sayahi neighborhood of Ahwaz capital has been died after suffering from liver cancer on Wednesday 03-12-2014.

By this death, number of Ahwazi Childs with cancer are increasing and bring concerns among Ahwazi Arab people, where Ahwazi activists has been recorded another seven cancer deaths in November 2014 that are as follows:

1)    Lafteh Sawari

2)    Jasem Zaeri

3)    Yaser Sayahi

4)    Ma’asomeh Mazreah

5)    Ehsan Mehdi Mousawi

6)    Emad Ghasem Mousawi

7)    Hosein Sheykh Saeed


The World Health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly ranked the Ahwaz territory in first in terms of air pollution. The WHO also confirmed that the air of which Ahwazi people breaths has high level of particles with depleted uranium. This has triggered various cancerous diseases among the Ahwazi Arab residents in recent years.

Some cancers are mostly seen in the Ahwazi regions, such as urinary tract and bladder cancers and this is because of a growing fatal parasite known as ‘Schistosomiasis’ in water of the Ahwazi River, due to severe contaminating substances. In recent years, urinary and bladder cancers are turned to be more common among children, farmers and fishermen due to their contact with the infected water.”

On the other hand, Iranian authority has been seeking inhumane methods to restrict and reduce the growth of Ahwazi population, so by increasing poverty through organized denial of job opportunities they have targeted the family’s structure among the Ahwazi Arab people. In recent years, large numbers of the Ahwazi families have been shattered by divorce, drug abuse, and suicide due to extreme poverty.

In recent months, human rights activists have confirmed that many Ahwazi Arab pregnant women, during a caesarean section operation in their first birth delivery, have been subjected to sterilization through deliberate tubectomy without having received any prior notice at the hands of doctors in governmental hospitals. These are such compelling evidences corroborating the ethnic cleansing policy which has already been adopted by the Iranian authorities against the Ahwazi Arab people.”

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights calls upon all human rights organizations to put pressure on Iranian authorities to stop its destructive and aggressive policies against Ahwazi Arab people which varied in all inhuman ways.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

06 December 2014

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