More racial discrimination and execution of Ahwazis by Iranian regime

Despite the spread of the high unemployment rate in Al-Ahwaz that is systematically planned by the Iranian government in the occupied Al-Ahwaz to prevent the Ahwazis from getting jobs in different part of Al-Ahwaz, while employing the Persians is speeding up in Al-Ahwaz to keep the Ahwazi young without work, led to bring disaster to the social life of Ahwazis.

Mr. Wahhab Bawi is an Ahwazi young with 25-year-old, working as guard at Abu Ali Clinic located in “Mihan” street of Kian pars neighbourhood of the Ahwaz capital. After a while, the young man is fired at this clinic without prior notice or rational reason and complains to the labour office (job centre) to get his rights.

Doctor Farhad Abu Ali, a cosmetologist and in-charge of the clinic, told the Ahwazi young that you have no rights with us and we have given you more than just the right. Wahhab gets angry after he listened to the Dr Abu Ali’s words and threatens the doctor that he will reveal what he saw during his time.

Soon after, the doctor called Wahhab and promised him to return to his job. As Wahhab arrives at the clinic, Dr. Abu Ali, along with other two persons, anesthetizes him and took the unconscious body by the nearby Karoon river’ shore and sets the fire to the body.

Wahhab’s family has buried him after they found burned dead body and the victim’s family complain to the authorities, and despite of the arrest but the criminals did not confess about their crime practiced against Wahhab.

According to reliable quoted to ACHR that an Ahwazi prisoner sentenced to death on the charges of deliberate murder, was executed in Sheyban Prison.

The prisoner, “Fazel Mazraeh”, with 27 years old of age that was accused of killing one of his relatives about two years ago, was executed on Tuesday the 8th of August 2017.

In contact from the Centre to the close relative of victim, stated that the negotiation was in process to release Fazel by ransom about 14 Iranian billion Rials (330 thousand British pound), in which Fazel’s family were unable to pay the amount and therefore the death sentence been implemented on Tuesday the 8th of August 2017. The execution of Ahwazi prisoner has not been announced by the Iranian official media until the written of this news.

It is worth to mention that from 142 executions were carried out among 530 executions in 2016, were on charges of deliberate murder.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

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