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Dozens of Ahwazi workers protest against their arbitrary dismissal and unpaid salaries

Large number of Ahwazi workers demonstrated in a different part of Ahwaz region in protest against their arbitrary dismissal by the Iranian job departments. 

Iranian regime officials has fired dozens of Ahwazi workers from “Mirza Kuchak Khan” Sugar company, and brought new Persian workers in order to work and settle in Ahwaz region.

In the Ahwazi unemployed workers protest, the protestors demanding their employment and pay the dues for their arbitrarily dismissal from work instead of seeking to bring new workers.

According to local sources, the municipality workers of the fifth, sixth and eighth districts of Ahwaz capital stopped working for several days, due of the Iranian failure to respond to their legitimate demands, in light of their difficult living conditions, which has been deteriorating for months.

Following are the workers demonstration that taken place in different place of Ahwaz region:

A group of “Kot Abdullah” municipality greenhouse workers gathered in front of the Ahwaz governorate building to protest the uncertainty about their unpaid paychecks On Monday, June 10 2019.
Approximately 250 of “Kot Abdullah” municipality workers protested to the governmental failure to pay their salaries in the first three months of this year.

Ahwazi “Kot Abdullah” Municipal Workers protested in front of Governor’s Office for a few days against not paying their salary for several months on Monday, June 03 2019.
Ahwazi workers stayed without salaries on the Eid Fitr occasion.
For several days, Abadan combined cycle power plant workers gathered in front of the power plant’s main office door to protest against non-paid salaries on Sunday, June 02 2019.
Dozens of Ahwazi Arab workers from “Mirza Kuchak Khan” Sugar Crop Industry Company were fired without prior notice by their employer in recent days. “Mirza Kuchak Khan” Sugar company is located in 75 km of Ahwaz-Mohammareh highway (Khorramshahr).
Ahwazi activists in the region said the reasons for these evictions are ethnic issues.
The Ahwaz capital area 6 Municipality workers stopped working and went on strike prior to Eid Fitr (beginning of June 2019). The workers said that with the coming of Eid al-Fitr, which has a particular importance among Ahwazi citizens, the rights of the children, as well as over six months of salary, have not been paid by the company.
One of the Ahwazi workers in Phase 2 of the Abadan refinery has lost his life after he fell from height.
The Ahwazi victim who is working on monthly contract basis, named as Mr. Rauf Salmani, 32, was a football player of Shahid Jahan Nejadian football team at the same time during his Abadan Refinery second phase job.

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