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Iranian Security Forces Practice Extrajudicial Killings for Ahwazi Arab

The International Association of Rights and Freedoms follows up with deep

concern the series of massive violations of human rights committed by the Iranian forces against the Arabic people of Ahwaz, whereby it recorded multiples of compulsory disappearances and abusive arrest by the Iranian authorities, executions, demolition of houses and confiscation of property, demolition of historical monuments and places of  worship, systematical displacement of the natives, and obliteration of the original Arabic identity of Ahwaz citizens. The most recent violations were revealed when the Iranian security forces exercised extrajudicial killings by organizing mass assassination operations against Ahwaz people on the (Kazvin- Tehran) highway.



On Thursday December 11th 2014, the following people were victims of extrajudicial killing, and were deprived of their mere right of living in a heinous way :


1- Ali Sabbar Asakra ,37 years old, from mhamra city


2- Ali Khalaf Al Kaabi, 21 years old, from testor city, while Abowalid Al Kaabi ,31 years old was severely injured  and arrested.


On a similar incident that took place on Wednesday, December 17, 2014, the Iranian security forces have killed two youths in Malatya city:


1- Hussein Silawi, 19 years old, single.


2- Mahdi Hammad, 26 years old, a father of two kids.


It is important to mention that in Malatya city itself, 3 brothers had been executed on June 23rd 2012:


Taha, 28 years old; Abbas, 25 years old; Abdulrahman,23 years old, and their friend Ali Naami Sharifi on charges of enmity against God and the prophet. Ahwazi Activists have leaked a recorded video of the victims before their execution, in which they implore the international community and human rights organizations especially the special rapporteur to Iran Mr. Ahmad Shahid to press on the Iranian authorities to stop executing the death sentences issued against them, but their attempts were vain.


The International Association of Rights and Freedoms denounces these crimes and condemns all the violations which are targeted against the Arabic Ahwazians. It also asks the UN human rights council for immediate intervention in order to protect the people of Ahwaz from the violations and the deprivation of their mere rights by the Iranian authorities. Moreover, IARF calls the Arabic organizations and the human rights associations for solidarity with the people of Ahwaz, and to support them in their distress, denounce the injustice and violations ,expose all violations and practices which deprive them from their rights, and press on Iranian officials to put an end to their unlimited violation of ahwazi human rights. The association reiterates its deep concern toward the reports it has received from ahwazian activists about murder cases, arrests, executions, and the use of ultimate forces by security forces, besides torturing and maltreatment of detainees.


General secretariat

26 Safar 1436


18 December 2014


No. 20/2014



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