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The Ahwazi Centre for Human Right events of twenty-fifth session of the United Nations

The executive director of the Ahwazi Center for Human Rights Mr. Faisal Maramazi

and the General secretary of the ADPF Mr. Ali Qate, and the deputy general secretary of the ADPF Mr. Taher Tamimi, represented the Ahwazi Arabs in the twenty-fifth session of the Human rights council of the United Nations, which lasted for three days.


At the first day, the council started by the Ahwazi center for human rights speech, where Dr. Faisal talked about the Ahwazi freedom martyrs and then he gave a brief about the Iranian occupation of Al Ahwaz, and the Iranian illegal ways to change the demography of Al Ahwaz and how the Ahwazi people suffer from the Iranian occupation.

During his speech, Dr. Faisal talked about how the Iranian regime is destroying the Ahwazi infrastructure, and how the Ahwazi Arab are suffering from the Iranian ethnic cleansing.

At the end, the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights asked for an international help, To stop the Iranian human rights violations against the Ahwazi Arabs, and also asked to put the Al Ahwaz in the G-5+1’s agenda regarding the Iranian nuclear situation.

Also the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights appealed the free world and the international Organizations, to force Iran to stop the crimes against Ahwazi Arabs and release all the political prisoners, and at the end to stop stealing the Ahwazi natural resources.

.Faisal Maramazi speech in Human Rights Council

Faisal Maramazi asking Ahmad Shaheed

Ahmad Shaheed replying to question

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