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Iranian authorities continue to arrest Ahwazi Arabs. Iranian authorities continue to arrest Ahwazi Arabs.

Iranian authorities continue to arrest Ahwazi Arabs over their insistence on the rejection of the upcoming elections of the Shura Council.e

Latest News form Ahwaz(Southwest of Iran) on Monday, February 20, 2012 indicate that the authorities of the Iranian security continues to capture the Ahwazis because of their determination to oppose the upcoming elections And announced their intentions for continuing this by writing on the walls of Ahwazi cities, as well as disseminating publications that incite to boycott elections, and the widespread of the leaflets  issued by the Ahwazi organisations that request Ahwazis not to recognize the legitimacy of any execution by the Iranian authorities on the ground as the authorities of the occupation of Alahwaz and everything they conduct on the ground is null and inhuman.e

Those are the names of some who were arrested recently in the city of Hamidiya (30 km west of Ahwaz)e




e1 – Jalil Naami

e2 – Adnan Atshani

e3 – Ali Ghanem Sawari, 34 years of age, married and has two children, a car driver.

It was noted that his father was a member of the Shura of the city Council of Hamidiya, and has been following the issue of destruction of the Palace of Sheikh Khaz’al in Hamidiya. Ali Ghanem Sawari was arrested for several times before this time.e

The number of arrests in Ahwaz and other cities (Khuzestan providence-Iran) since November 2011 has reached 75 detains and there is a big concern on them being under brutal torture.e

We have announced earlier this month the name of two prisoners who were killed under torture namly, Nasser Alboshoka 19 years old and Mohammad Kaabi 35 years old.e

Ahwazi Centre For Human Rights


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