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Iran: mass arbitary arrest against Ahwazi Arab activist

Iranian authorities have mounted mass arrests against many Ahwazi Arab activists in the recent days

under the pretext of that the captured activists belonging to the Sunnis beliefs, where Ahwazi activists within AL-Ahwaz confirmed that the arrests came to sow terror and fear in the Ahwazi activist by preventing them from celebrating Eid al-Fitr event.


Relible sources qouted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that

the raids and arrests carried out by the Iranian intelligence apparatus was backed by great force of police and security forces and used excessive force without any legal prior notice  which raised the fear among the Ahwazi Arab residents.

The source was able to identified following names that been captured on Monday 29-06-2015 in Malashiyeh district, after they were beaten and blindfolded in front of their loved ones and then transferred to an unknown location.


1)   Ahmad Badawi

2)   Abbas Badawi

3)   Haidar Naseri age 29

4)   Ayoub Haidari

5)   Sajad Elhaie age 19

6)   Abdolhakim Khazreji age 27

7)   Mehdi Haidari age 32.

Also the intelligence services has arrest other two Ahwazi Arab from Althoura district in Ahwaz capital on Monday 29-06-2015 and named as:

1)   1) Abdullah Anwar age 32

2)   Mustafa Sawari and

3)   Abdullah Sawari.

Meanwhile the security services has arrested Jaafer Silawi, age 32 from Althoura district in Ahwaz capital on 30-06-2015 and took him to unknown place.

There is no new update about detainee’s health and safety situation that increases the concerns amongst their parents.

In similar context, the Iranian intelligence services has arrested Ahmad Tamimi age 29, from Sarhaniya village in Mohammareh (khoramshahr ) city on 20-06-2015.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Right condemns the Iranian intelligence service random and arbitrary arrest against Ahwazi Arab activist and asking the Iranian officials to release all detainees unconditionally.

ACHR calls upon all human rights defenders and organizations especially UN special rapporteur on Iran Mr. Ahmad Shaheed to put pressure on Iran to discharge all the detainees.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Right


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