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Al-Ahwaz Statement in Beirut Arab university

Beirut Arab University in Lebanon  has set up an important conference about the minorities in Iran for its students of political science, economics and law on Saturday 29 of August 2015.

Lawyer Shatha Jriesat has represented the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights to share detailed report about Al-Ahwaz and Iranian human rights violations in occupied Al-Ahwaz.

Jriesat has stressed in her speech that was delivered through Skype despite her presence in the hospital for treatment, about the Arab identity of Al-Ahwaz and its occupation by the Persians since 1925 and also pointed to the history of the Al-Ahwaz that extends for more than five thousand years.

Also she mentioned in her speech about daily heinous crimes and violations practiced by the Persian State that including arbitrary arrests and other types of violations and abuses against Ahwazi Arabs which aimed to change the Arab demographic in Ahwaz.

Mrs Jriesat said that as we are gathered today to speak about minorities in Iran but should we be aware that there is no minorities exist but there are Nations are exist in Iran, and i would say Ahwazi Arab people are suffering the most types of sectarian and ethnic discrimination.

lawyer Jriesat said that she is participating in international conference to speak about Al-Ahwaz from human being side but in this conference i want to speak about Al-Ahwaz from legal hand and has discussed the Iranian Constitution and international conventions which Iranian government are part of them.

according to article 23 of the Iranian Constitution that prevent punishing people about what they belief, which  this article just used in verbal where statistics shows rise of arrest among people who believe in Sunni belief.

Also Iran has signed international conventions in which the article 19 indicates that every person has rights of freedom of speech where Iranian goverment completely ignoring these conventions where they have arrested Mr Ahmad Sabhan Alhazbawi just after he greeted the Storm packets collations that led by Saudi Arabia, Lawyer Shatha Jriesat added.

in this conference that took place for about 3 hours, there were reviews of Dr. Khaled Abu Sharkh from the Faculty of History who spoke about Iran-Arab’s historical hostility and Dr. Ahmed Alia who spoke about the Nations ( Azari Turk, Baluch, Kurd and Turkmen) in the political geography of Iran and finally

there were interventions for students of Beirut Arab University for the raised topics.

Beirut Arab University (BAU) is a Lebanese university located in Beirut, Lebanon. It was founded by the Lebanese El-Bir and Ihsan Society in 1960.The university is officially accredited according to article (17) of the Lebanese Higher Education Law issued on 26 December 1961.

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