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Iranian Court issued a collective provisions against 19 Ahwazi Arab activists

According to reliable sources quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that 19 Ahwazi Arab

activists from Susa (Shush) city sentenced by Branch 101 of Revolutionary Court on charges of acting against Iranian national security.


According to sources the 19 accused Ahwazi Arab activists were arrested in 2015 after being arrested by the intelligence services and being in detention for several months in the city of Susa where transferred to the “Fajr” prison in Qoneitareh (Dezful) city.

Division 101 of revolutionary Court headed by judge Massoud Sarkheh, sentenced rigorous imprisonment for two years on 15 of them, and they are:

1)         Mohammed Dabat, son of Samir and age 22 year,

2)         Saeed Alboeini, son of Ashor and age 27 year,

3)         Jaber Kenani, son of Mohsen and age 27 year,

4)         Ahmad Dabat, son of Badir and age 24 year,

5)         Ahmed Dabat, son of Samir and age 21 year,

6)         Abdolemam Kenani, son of Mohsen and age 30 year,

7)         Kazem Chenanian, son of Saghir and age 25 year,

8)         Ghasem Alkathir, son of Karim and age of 20 years,

9)         Mohammed Kenani, son of Jomeh and age 22 year,

10)    Mustafa Esmaeili, son of sebiti and age of 24 years,

11)    Abdolelah Mosawi, son of Jasem and age 22 year,

12)    Karim Kenani, son of Abdolnabi and age 20 year,

13)    Mohammed Alkathir, son of Motair and age 20 year,

14)    Mohammed Saghori, son of Soweif and age 25 year,

15)    Ali Beit Aliwi, son of Ajam and age 25 year.

The division 101 of revolutionary Court issued a fine in the amount of 200 million Rials (about 7000 Dollar) for each one of them, and the names of prisoners are as follows:

1)         Hadi Alboeini son of Dawleh with age of 18,

2)         Hamed Kenani son of Ghasem with age of 17,

3)         Abbas Kenani son of Mohammed with age of 18,

4)         Ghasem Mehreiyeh with age of 15.

According to the verdict issued by Branch 101, the 19 persons were accused of participating in the destruction of government property by “burning security forces car, disrupting public security and of acting against national security”.

According to source that the given the short time trial and the absence of an elected legal representative, relatives condemned their beloved sons trial and described as “unfair”.

An informed source confirmed that prisoners were subjected to psychological and physical torture during the investigation to get forced confessions by Iranian intelligence agents.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns the collective provision issuance against Ahwazi activists by the Iranian revolutionary court and the Centre believes that the 19 convicts has been charged with false accusations by the Court of the so-called revolution in the city of Susa, as well as Centre would like to note that the Iranian intelligence get the confessions from Ahwazi prisoners under psychological and physical torture.

The 15 convicts were transferred to Qoneitareh (Dezful) city prison (Fajr), and divided on illegal Iranian felonies items, where prisoners have been integrated with multiple crimes prisoners, such as murder, robbery, drugs, and this violates the division of the prisoners in Iran law.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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