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The Iranian occupation regime has executed an Ahwazi political prisoner

According to the report received by the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights from human rights activists within Ahwaz capital, the Iranian occupation regime executed Mr. Hassan Abayat, son of Jalaw, in Sepidar prison of Ahwaz capital on the morning of Monday, the 20th of February 2023.

Martyr Hassan Abayat, son of Jalaw, born in 1978, married, and has a boy resident of the city of Hamidiyeh, was arrested along with five other Ahwazi citizens in December 2011 by the Iranian Intelligence service on charges of membership in groups opposing the regime of Iran.

In the first branch of the Islamic Revolution Court, headed by Judge “Farhadvand”, the six prisoners were sentenced on the charges of “MOHAREBEH” (meaning fighting against God and corruption on earth), establishing organizations opposed to the Islamic Republic and communicating with foreign countries, and acting against the country’s security.

The sentences issued by the first branch of the Islamic Revolution Court of Iran in Ahwaz capital against Ahwazi activists were a death sentence for Hassan Abayat and seven to 20 years imprisonment for the rest of his friends. 

Martyr Hassan Abayat along with five other Arab activists were subjected to the most severe and brutal physical and mental torture in the intelligence detention centre in Ahwaz capital for more than 11 months, so the signs of torture are still visible on their bodies.

It should be mentioned that the six Ahwazi prisoners were forced to “confess” in a fake scenario by the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence in 2012 about assassinating and injuring two Basij militants and their confessions was broadcasted by the English language channel “Press TV” affiliated with the regime of Iran. The six Ahwazi activists have denied the confessions aired on Press TV in the Revolutionary Court in the Ahwaz capital.

Other friends of martyr Hassan Abayat that were sentenced to long-term imprisonment are, Mr. Khaled Obidawi – 20 years of imprisonment, Mr. Reza Nizal Obidawi (Enidzadeh) – 20 years of imprisonment, Mr. Jalil Noami – 20 years of imprisonment, Mr. Jassem Saedi – 20 years of imprisonment and all prisoners are currently serving their imprisonment in Sheyban Prison (Central Prison of Ahwaz capital) and Mr. Eidan Beit Sayah (Shakhi) was released after spending his imprisonment.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights strongly condemns the Iranian occupation regime’s execution of Ahwazi citizen martyr Hassan Abayat and calls upon international human rights organizations and individuals especially Mr. Javeed Rahman the United Nations special rapporteur about Iran to condemn the Iranian inhumane and brutal crimes against Ahwazi people.

Martyr Hassan Abayat funeral

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

21st February 2023

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