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An Ahwazi prisoner’s wife died due to a fake announcement by the Iranian occupation regime

Two. Ahwazi citizens named Mr. Mohsen Deriss and Mr. Abbas Deriss were arrested on Sunday, December 8th, 2019,  by the “Abolfazl Abbas” Officers subsection of the Iranian Intelligence department. They were interrogated in the Third Investigation Branch of the Ma’ashour (Mahshahr Persian name) Court (Special Branch for Investigating the November 2019 demonstration) headed by Judge Hassan Salemi on December 9th, 2019.

Abbas Driss, while accepting to attend the protest in November 2019 in “Chamran” town, denied any involvement in burning tires and closing the roads in “Chamran” town. Following the issuance of a two-month temporary detention order by the investigator (i.e., Judge Hassan Salemi), Mr. Deriss was transferred to the IRGC notorious Intelligence detention to get forced confession under barbaric torture.

After being fiercely and barbarously interrogated by IRGC intelligence agents, Mr. Deriss confessed to using gun and firing at the security forces. He again denied involvement in the shooting of “Reza Sayadi” during his last defense in the mentioned branch of the investigation.

Mr. Abbas Deriss’s family and especially his wife chased his arrest by the Iranian occupation regime intelligence officers and she went searching in all the security departments in Ahwaz capital until she was told to chase her husband’s arrest in Tehran departments.

The lawyer for the Deriss brothers said: “A person whose identity is not known told Abbas Deriss’s wife in Tehran that his case would definitely be executed. Due to lack of legal knowledge, my client’s wife thought that the sentence had been issued and after returning to Ahwaz, she lost her life within a week due to a brain stroke.

Abbas Deriss, born in 1973, is the son of Ma’tug, the father of three children, 12, 14, and about 3 years old. Mr. Deriss is originally from Abadan city and later migrated to “Chamran” neighborhood located in the Ma’ashour city. Mohsen Driss is also the son of Matug and was born in 1992.

It is worth mentioning that in January 2020 a video related to the confessions of the arrested defendants regarding the shooting of Reza Sayadi was broadcasted by the Iranian Radio and Television. According to a source close to the citizens’ families, the Deriss brothers were pressured to obtain forced confessions by threatening to sexually harass their family members.

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