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Continuation of the Iranian occupation regime’s extrajudicial killing and arrest against Ahwazi people

Continuation of the Iranian occupation regime’s extrajudicial killing and arrest against Ahwazi people

Although the number of extrajudicial killings and other crimes committed against Ahwazis is on the rise recently by extensively documented with wide-ranging evidence in the form of photos, videos, and witness testimonies proving the Iranian occupation regime’s responsibility for committing these crimes, including its use of threats to silence the families of the dead person – However, the United Nations and other international bodies and human rights organizations remained silent and failed to take any action to punish the Iranian regime or publicize its crimes. While the United Nations appointed a special rapporteur to study indiscriminate killings by the Iranian occupation regime’s members, there has been little movement from the international organizations in the subsequent two to three decades to take any concrete action to punish the perpetrators, as the Iranian criminal official’s role appears to have been largely ceremonial.

The failure of the United Nations Human Rights Council to fulfill its duties and uphold its constitution and decisions have left the Ahwazi people defenceless in an actual confrontation with systematic state terrorism without protection, which gives the Iranian regime a carte blanche to encroach on international law and ignore the most basic principles of human rights with complete impunity.

The Iranian occupation regime has extrajudicially killed seven Ahwazi young without prior warning and specifying any rationale reasons to justify its killing against innocent Ahwazi young. Following are the names of Ahwazi people who were shot dead in recent days.

1-     Martyr Jaafar Shajirat resident of “Boroumi” area of the “Gheizanieh” district of Ahwaz capital was shot dead on Thursday the 17th of February 2022. The Jaafar killing has taken place in the daytime. An eyewitness stated that the Iranian security forces has shot dead Jaafar while he was walking and Jaafar was confused why the security forces are shooting towards him. Local people know Jaafar as an intellectual and honorable man that never committed any crime.  “Gheizanieh” district contains more than 600 oil wells and is surrounded by several oil companies related to the Iranian occupation regime and China, in which the 25 neighboring villages of “Gheizanieh” district are suffering from high unemployment and even drinking water. The Ahwazi residents of “Gheizanieh” district has demonstrated a few months ago against the lack of drinking water in which the Iranian occupation forces has suppressed the protest by firing live bullets led to injuring several residents.

Jaafar Shajirat

2-     Martyr Esmail Kaabi resident of “Mandeli” district of Ahwazi capital was shot dead by the Iranian occupation regime forces on Wednesday the 16th of February 2022. Following is the youtube video recorded by one of the Ahwazi citizens that documents the Iranian security and police forces are killing martyr Esmail Kaabi in the mid-day of Wednesday and in the presence of the women and children. The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights did not get any information so far to find out about the reason that led to the killing of martyr Esmail Kaabi.

the Youtube video documents the crime of the Iranian occupation regime.

Esmail Kaabi

3-     Sajjad Kaabi, 22, son of Kamel and a resident of Ibrahimabad alley in Susa city, while celebrating his birthday was shot dead by the Iranian police, and his friend Ali Chaab Omir, 20, was severely wounded on Monday the 31st of January 2022. Sources close to Kaabi’s family said: Sajjad and his friends were celebrating his birthday in the park near Ibrahimabad alley and next to the municipality of Susa where the police forces from several points surrounded and started shooting towards the gathering. The sources added that four bullets hit Sajjad Kaabi in the leg and heart and he was killed immediately.  After the killing of Ahwazi young, the Iranian officers fled the scene. After transferring the body of Sajjad Kaabi for autopsy, the body of this young man was supposed to be handed over to his family, but due to the large crowd of people in Susa city and surrounding villages in the tomb of Al-Abbas in Susa, the body of this young man was not handed over. Sajjad’s body was buried in al-Shachakh’s tomb near the village of Beit Khalaf al-Muslim in the city of Susa.

Youtube video from the Iranian crime when killing Sajjad.

4-     Ahwazi activists reported on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 News of the killing of two Ahwazi citizens named Amin Delfi, 18, and Hamid (Ali) Kaabi, 22, following the shooting of Iranian security officers at the residents of ” Goriyeh ” area of Shoaibiyeh district of Tostar (Shushtar Persian name) city. Informed sources asserted that the two young Arabs were shot directly by Iranian security forces while attending the funeral of a resident of the Goriyeh area. The sources added: “Amin Delfi, son of Majid, was shot dead and died immediately and Ali Kaabi, son of Obaid, was seriously injured and died after spending 24 hours in the ICU ‌ on Thursday, January 20, 2022. During the funeral, which turned into a protest against the government, security forces attacked and shot at the people of Goriyeh.

the Youtube video of the crime.

Amin Delfi, 18, and Hamid (Ali) Kaabi,22

5-     Martyr Younis Osmani resident of “Zangil” area of Maashour city was shot dead by the Iranian security forces on Monday the 17th of January 2022. Martyr Osmani is working as the security in one of the small companies in Maashour city where he was riding his motorcycle to do some shopping, He was shot dead by the Iranian security forces, and after his fall they did not take any initiative to transfer him to a hospital and left him to bleed at the scene of the crime until his last breath and died at the scene.

Video from funeral of Younis Osmani.

6-     Martyr Sajjad Sarkhi resident of “Khowis” area of Susa city was shot dead by the Iranian occupation police forces on Saturday the 15th of January 2022. Sajjad is an Ahwazi athlete whose main activity was sport and has nothing to do with politics or any other sensitive measure that provoke the Iranian occupation regime’s anger to kill him.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

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