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Iranian occupation regime’s mass arrest against Ahwazi that celebrated Eid Fitr

The Iranian occupation regime has carried out an arbitrary and random campaign of arrests against Ahwazi people that are celebrated the Eid Fitr and took them to unknown places in recent days.

The Ahwazi activists have reported to the Centre that the arrest campaign has started on Friday, May 21, 2021, and continued on daily basis up written of this report.

A number of Ahwazi citizens were arrested in Ahwaz capital and the city of Al-Koreh (Taleghani Persian name). The reason for arrests is due to the celebration of Eid al-Fitr and the chanting of national and epic slogans in front of the houses of the martyrs of the November 2019 protests and activists executed by the Iran occupation regime in recent years.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has received the following names of detainees that were arrested in different parts of Al-Ahwaz.

Names of detainees of Al-Thawra (Alawi Persian name) district in Ahwaz capital: 

1- Rasoul Zeheiri son Karim

2- Shaker Silawi

3- Mohammad Silawi

4- Qies Sawari

5- Walid Sawari

6- Hamzeh Cheldawi, 34 years old.

7- Saad Saeidi son of Saeed, 30 years old.

8- Tawfigh Saeidi son of Hassan, 28 years old.

9- Malek Saeidi son of Hassan, 27 yeas old (brother of number 8).

10- Abdullah Sawari son of Jodeh, 32 years old.

11- Saeed Sawari son of Jodeh, 30 years old (brother of number 10)

12- Sadegh Sawari

13- Sayed Ali Mousawi, 22 years old

14- Sayed Abdullah Mousawi, 40 years old.

15- Abbas Zaeiri Khasraji, 24 years old

16- Hossein Kaabi

17- Sadegh Sawari son of Sheriji, 27 years old.

Names of the detainees that were arrested in Al-Heryeh (Zouyeh Persian name) district of Ahwazi capital.

18- Mrs Badriyeh Hamidawi, mother of martyr Ali Tamimi that were killed by Iranian occupation regime in November 2019 protest.

19- Hamid Mazreah son Hussain.

20- Jamil Hazbawi son of Lafteh

21- Amin Amir Hatemi, 23 years old

22- Hadi Hazbawi

23- Mohsen Hazbawi

24- Faisal Hazbawi

25- Akram Hazbawi

26- Mojtaba Salihawi resident of Al-Koreh ( Taleghani persian name) city.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has documented the above names and the centre believes that the number of detainees is much much higher than declared and due to tight security conditions, the centre will chase the other names to publish them for further Iranian regime condemnations in the UN and other human rights organisations.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

21 May 2021    

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