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The Iranian occupation regime has executed another Ahwazi prisoner

According to reliable sources quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights that the Iranian occupation regime has executed an Ahwazi political prisoner named Jassem Haidari in the early dawn hours of Monday the 1st of March 2021.

the sources said that the Iranian intelligence service in Ahwaz capital has summoned Jassem’s father and told him about Jassem’s execution and the family is completely forbidden from making funeral or any gathering in regards Jassem’s execution.

An unconfirmed report from Al-Ahwaz stating that the Jassem execution was made in front of his dad’s eyes.

Mr. Jassem Haidari (Also pronounced as Heydari), 31, son of Kazem, a resident of the “Zafaranieh” district of Ahwaz capital, was arrested in November-December 2017 in Tehran. After Evin Prison, Jassem Haidari was transferred to the Ahwaz Intelligence Detention Centre, during which his mother, 48-year-old Mrs. Marzieh Haidari, was arrested on March 11, 2018, for pressuring and confessing to her son. Marzieh Heydari was then transferred to Sepidar Prison and released on hefty financial bail.

Mr. Jassem Haidari along with three Ahwazi prisoners Mr. Ali Motairi, Mr. Ali Khasraji, Mr. Hossein Silawi, were charged with various offenses such as “Baghi”, “Moharebeh”, “corruption on earth” and “acting against the security of the country” by the Iranian Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz capital. The confessions have been taken under severe and barbaric torture. Some of the prisoners have broken their arms or ribs during torture by the Iranian occupation intelligence service in order to get the confession.

during the Iranian occupation regime’s officials visit to Sheyban prison that took place on 10th of May 2020, the officials were seeing the Ahwazi prisoners and asking about their demands in which martyr Jassem has asked the officials about his case and why there is no judgment is taken to know about his future, in which one of the officials replied to Jassem as following “ (Mr) Haidari what do you want to know about your case? we want to execute you as soon as we get the formal paper from the supreme court in Tehran”.

Martyr Jassem Haidari was a refugee in the European country of Austria before his arrest, where his asylum case was not successful, and then returned to Iran and was arrested in Tehran with a planned plot.

the Iranian revolutionary court in Ahwaz capital has approved the death sentence against martyr Jassem Haidari in late October 2020 and the verdict needs to be sent to Tehran’s supreme court for approval. the Tehran supreme court has approved the death sentence against martyr Haidari on the 12th of November 2020.

Martyr Haidari was transferred from Ahwaz Central Prison (Sheyban Prison) to an unknown location by Iranian Intelligence Forces on the 02nd of January 2021 in order to be executed. the Ahwazi activists in the diaspora have made an enormous campaign to save martyr Haidari’s life and then the Iranian officials return him to prison again. Amnesty International has issued a statement and called upon the Iranian occupation regime to stop the execution of martyr Haidari along with the other three Ahwazi prisoners.

on the 22nd of January 2021, five Ahwazi political prisoners that are Mr. Jassem Haidari, Mr. Ali Khasraji, Mr. Hossein Silawi, Mr. Ali Motairi, and Mr. Ali Mojaddam, five inmates who are in solitary confinement in Ahwaz Central Prison (Also known as Sheyban), went on a hunger strike in protest of torture, the behavior of prison officials and a ban on visiting their families. All five prisoners have sewn their lips in protest of the current situation and went on a hunger strike.

the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns the Iranian occupation regime’s executing of Ahwazi political prisoner martyr Jassem Haidari and call upon the international community and the United Nations special rapporteur Mr. Javiad Rahman to intervene and save the life of other Ahwazi prisoners who have been sentenced to death and condemn Iranian occupation regime in next Universal Periodic Review report as well as United Nations Human Rights Council.

the Centre also calling upon European countries to put more concentration and seriousness in dealing with Ahwazi asylum case and not consider Ahwazi people as Iranian, as Ahwazi people completely denying their Iranian identity and they are proud of their Ahwazi identity.

Report by:

Faisal Maramazi

Executive director of the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

01 March 2021

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