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Iranian occupation regime’s police use harsh tactics against Ahwazi juvenile

The Iranian occupation regime’s police have intensified their criminal policies towards Ahwazi youth that led to their death in recent time.

Due to systematic impoverishment exercises by the occupier regime, most of the Ahwazi juveniles are unable to buy a car or any other four-wheel vehicle, and the majority of them are buy less expensive commute vehicle that is motorbike to do their daily work such as shopping or going to the farms. Therefore, when an Ahwazi young seeing a police officer, tries to escape to save his life and motorbike from being confiscated by the police. Another aspect of Ahwazi young’s escaping police is the crimes perpetrated by the Iranian police when arresting Ahwazi young and apart from seizing the motorbike, the driver is also beaten by the police.

Two Ahwazi young from Fallahiyeh (Shadegan Persian name) city were riding the motorbike on Tuesday the 26th of January 2021, in which they witness the police and while they were trying to escape the police, they were being chased by a police officer led to their death.

The two young were riding their motorbike at high speed to escape the police checkpoint in which the police have opened fire towards them and they crash with nearby wall and died immediately.

 Martyrs Sayed Rasoul Hosseini and Ebrahim Hazbawi both residents of Fallahiyeh (Shadegan Persian name) city were died by the Iranian police direct shooting.

Martyrs Sayed Rasoul Hosseini and Ebrahim Hazbawi
video of Martyrs Sayed Rasoul Hosseini and Ebrahim Hazbawi

Another Ahwazi young – a shepherd- gunned down by the Iranian occupation regime in one of the Ahwazi bordering villages on Friday the 29th of January 2021.

Martyr Nabi Helfi, 30 years old, and resident of “Sayed Naaim” village of “Al-Khafajiyeh” (Susangered Persian name) city, works as a shepherd and also to sell herds of cattle in bordering villages was gunned down with no mercy by the occupier regime.

Martyr Nabi Helfi

Nabi’s father has died last year due to chronic illness and their inability to pay the cost of treatment and Nabi is the eldest son of the family who was looking after his brother and sisters and mother.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns the Iranian occupation regime’s heinous and barbaric behavior such as direct shooting towards Ahwazi young and calls upon the international community to put pressure on Iran to put an end to the crimes perpetrated by the regime.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

31 January 2021    

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