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The hunger strike of five Ahwazi political prisoners that were sentenced to death

According to reliable sources within Al-Ahwaz stated that five Ahwazi political prisoners are Mr. Jassem Heydari, Mr. Ali Khasraji, Mr. Hossein Silawi, Mr. Ali Motairi, and Mr. Ali Mojaddam, five inmates who are in solitary confinement in Ahwaz Central Prison (Also known as Sheyban), went on a hunger strike four days ago from writing of the news in protest of torture, the behaviour of prison officials and a ban on visiting their families.

Human rights sources said that the five detainees were held in solitary confinement in Ahwaz Central Prison (Also known as Sheyban), with horrific ill-treatment and were subjected to severe insults and torture.

The source added: “All five prisoners have sewn their lips in protest of the current situation and went on a hunger strike.”

Four of the mentioned Ahwazi prisoners; Mr. Ali Motairi, Mr. Ali Khasraji, Mr. Hossein Silawi, and Mr. Jassem Heydari were sentenced to death, but Ali Mojaddam is still in prison with no judgment. All five were charged with various offenses such as “Baghi”, “Moharebeh” and “corruption on earth” and “acting against the security of the country” by the Iranian Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz capital. The confessions have been taken under severe and barbaric torture. Some of the prisoners have broken their arms or ribs during torture.

Mr. Jassem Heydari, 31, son of Kazem, a resident of the “Zafaranieh” district of Ahwaz capital, was arrested in November-December 2017 in Tehran and his death sentence was upheld. Mr. Ali Khasraji (29 years old) from “Alawi” district in Ahwaz capital, and Mr. Hossein Silawi (33 years old) from “Khabineh” village, and Mr. Nasser Khafajian (Moramazi) (36 years old) from NAJA forces, all three of whom were arrested in April-May 2017 by Iranian intelligence service after the attack on the “Farhang Shahr” police station in Ahwaz capital.

 Iranian judicial officials say; They were sentenced to death and their case is pending at the Supreme Court. Mr. Ali Mojaddam, 39, an Ahwazi prisoner from “Koot Seyed Saleh” district of Ahwaz capital, was detained by the intelligence service on February 09, 2020, along with another 14 Ahwazi citizens, including two women, awaiting sentencing. Ali Motairi, Ahwazi Boxer, resident of Sheiban in the north of Ahwaz capital, was arrested on May 07, 2018, on charges of assassinating two Basijis in Sheiban, and his death sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court.

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