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Destruction of the Ahwazi vending stalls by the Iranian occupation forces

The Iranian occupation police officers, accompanied by municipality workers, attacked Ahwazi vendors on “Kargar” Street opposite to “Bargh” district in “Golestan” neighborhood in Ahwaz capital, led to destroying their vendors’ stalls and confiscating their equipment on Friday morning, January 01, 2021.

“Every day, law enforcement officers come and tell us to stay here and work, and we even fill their baskets with fruits and vegetables, and they go and promise us that no one will stop us from working and earning,” said one of the vendors. “But after this period, on Friday, the equipment was confiscated and our cars were seized by the police forces.

The Ahwazi citizen adds: “No one from Iranian officials answering our demands and they fired us in the shadow of the Corona outbreak.” We also have to provide basic life necessities for our families by selling fruits and vegetables”.

“They treated us with violence and beatings,” said one of the vendors. We have more than 150 vendors working in this area, and every time the municipal administration interferes with our business, confiscates our property, and arrests a number of vendors. We told the municipal officials several times to find a place for us, but we did not receive a response”.

In this clip, one of the stall owners says: We have been working here for five years and the municipality gave us this place. we haven’t closed the way and we are not disturbing anyone. At 4 o’clock in the morning on Friday (January 01, 2021), the agents came with a loader and destroyed our stalls.

Ahwazi youths who has lost their belongings by the Iranian occupation regime forces, were protesting opposite to the Ahwaz capital council head office demanding an end for their suffering.

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