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Ahwazi land confiscations continue by the Iranian occupation regime

The Iranian occupation regime has sped up its land confiscations in occupied Al-Ahwaz and especially in the Ahwaz capital and surrounding suburb in the year 2020.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has received two videos illustrating the Iranian occupation regime’s affiliated company confiscated Ahwazi people’s lands in the “Jasaniyeh Bozorg” village in recent days.

In the first video and as it seems, an Ahwazi mullah (religious man) surrounded by other two Ahwazi old men, stating that “despite wide Ahwazi land owner referrals to the Iranian official department in Ahwaz capital, but there were unable to find or get any response stopping their land confiscation by Iranian sugarcane factory.”

“Also the Ahwazi landowners are having deeds that prove their land’s ownership and the sugarcane factory also has another deed (which are fake), are not happy to sit down with Ahwazi people and resolve the dispute. Although the for several times the courts have looked into complaints made by Ahwazi people and issued a final result in the favor of Ahwazi people, the sugarcane factory’s crane by the support of Iranian police, started to dig the Ahwazi land without legal permission”, the religious man added.

“The Ahwazi people have no rights to complaints about sugarcane factory or stopping the factory’s crane from operating”, the man added.

In the second video an Ahwazi resident saying “we are the landowner and I am 45 years old and my dad is between 60 to 70 of his age, and since I and my dad are alive, we know that we are the landowner for several decades”.

“We do not know what to do? If we talk about our land confiscation by Iranian factory, the police threatening us with arrests and long imprisonments, and when we refer to any Iranian official department, no one giving us rational answer”, the man added.

In a report leaked from the Al-Ahwaz (South Ilam, Khuzestan, Bushehr, and Hormozgan provinces in the Iranian map), the Iranian occupying regime intends to control multiple neighborhoods of Ahwaz capital, with the aim of besieging the capital to face any future movements of Ahwazi people and to prevent possible military intervention from outside the capital city and controlling the “Al-Nakhilat” (Abu al-Fadl village Persian name) is nothing but a prelude to implementing this plan.

The devastating story of Ahwazi village began on Wednesday, August 26, 2020, when the Iranian occupation regime razed and ruined a number of homes in the village of “Abu Al-Fadl”, near the Ahwaz capital. The Iranian criminal regime police forces were heavily armed with tear gas and bulldozers, has faced fierce resistance from the Ahwazi villagers, who had only their “words” and “stones” as mean to defend their homes and village from been destroyed by an Iranian organization that was established mainly to help the vulnerable and poor people in a diverse part of Iran

In a similar context, the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has received a video that shows the Iranian occupation regime’s men are destroying and demolition an Ahwazi poor family’s house. In the video that shows the brutality and cruelty exercised by Iranian regime men in demolishing Ahwazi home, the Ahwazi woman said “why don’t you all not showing mercy with us?  why are you demolition our home? I don’t have money to give you as bribery.”

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