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The Iranian occupation regime’s policies to migrate and displace Ahwazi citizens

Since the Iranian occupation regime’s systematic impoverishments have been implemented against Ahwazi people, most of the Ahwazi people are unable to provide their basic life necessities rather than buying land or home.

The Iranian occupation regime advertised a banner in the city of Susa (Shush Persian name), north of occupied Al-Ahwaz, and encourages Ahwazi citizens to live in the city of Khorasan, east of the geography of what it calls Iran, and selling Ahwazi people residential lands at low prices, in order to implement its demographic plan in the occupied Al-Ahwaz.

In a similar context, many Ahwazi people have received a text message, offering them to own and 250-meter land in Khorasan province with nine million Rials.

One of the Ahwazi elderly men who has been affected by a deliberate flood in early 2019, was saying that the Iranian occupation officials were offering him land in Yazd/Kerman provinces in exchange for his land, but he refused to accept the deal.

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