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The lives of four Arab prisoners are at imminent risk of execution

The transfer of four Ahwazi Arab prisoners sentenced to death to an unknown location coincides with the anniversary of the military parade attack in occupied Al-Ahwaz.

Human rights activists in Ahwaz reported that four prisoners sentenced to death named Ali Motiri, Hossein Silawi, Ali Khasraji along with another prisoner named Ali Mojaddam from Sheiban Prison in Ahwaz capital, were transferred to an unknown location on Sunday the 20th of September 2020.
Ali Motiri, a resident of Sheiban city in the north of Ahwaz capital, was falsely accused of assassinating two Basijies, named Bashir Hamidi and Hassan Karouni, who were stabbed on May 06, 2016, and later died of their injuries.  Ali Motiri was sentenced to death during an unfair trial in the Revolutionary Court on charges of killing two Basijies and “Moharebeh” (enmity against God). Two other Ahwazi men, Abbas Rabiee and Muslim Amiri are on trial on charges of acting against national security and awaiting sentencing.  Sources close to the prisoner say that due to pressure from security agencies, the prisoner’s lawyer did not provide accurate information to the prisoner’s family, and his death sentence is said to -although issued- have been concealed by the Supreme Court.
According to reliable sources, Ali Khasraji, 26, a resident of Althawrah (Alawi Persian name) neighborhood of Ahwaz capital) and Hossein Silawi, 30, a resident of Khabineh, 4th Street, Ahwaz capital were both arrested in May 2017 on charges of participating in armed operations against security centers in Ahwaz capital.  They were also taken to an unknown location.  The two were severely tortured along with Nasser Khafajian Maramazi, (33, a NAJA officer). The fate of Nasser Khafajian is still unknown. Reports leaked out that Nasser Khafajian was shot dead by the regime during a protest that started by prisoners at Shyeiban Prison on the 30th of March, 2020.

The initial case of these three defendants in Branch 12 of the investigation, Judge Jalilian, issued the death sentence in the Revolutionary Court and rejected the appeal, their death sentence was approved by the Supreme Court and notified to them.  All three defendants were denied access to a lawyer during the trial. Security and judicial authorities charged the three with attacking Hamid police station (40 km from Ahwaz capital) and the 23rd Mojahedin police station in Ahwaz capital. This allegedly took place in May 2017.

 Ali Mojaddam, (39, one of the Arab prisoners from “Koot Seyed Saleh”, Ahwaz capital) was arrested by the Iranian Intelligence on February 11, 2017, along with 14 other Ahwazi Arabs, including two women. He has been trialed in the Iranian Revolutionary Court and accused of armed operations against the Iranian security forces, actions against the security of the country, connection with the international community, and the formation of an opposition group against so-called Iran.  No information is available on the proceedings and the verdict in this case.
Human rights sources say; with the approach of the anniversary of the military parade attack of Ahwaz capital taken place on 22nd of September 2018) and due to the strange disappearance of the accused in this incident, the lives of these four Arab prisoners are in danger.

The fabricated and false charges made by Iranian intelligence service against defenseless Ahwazi prisoners, in which Ahwazi prisoners are denying all charges made against them and were confessed to saying them forcibly under severe physical and moral torture. 

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