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Iranian occupation regime continues to demolition Ahwazi homes

The Iranian occupation regime related departments are continuously demolition Ahwazi defenceless people under false and fabricated reasons in recent days.

The Iranian regime’s municipal and police forces have demolition and destroyed most of the Ahwazi “Abo Nakhilat” village’s homes on the 19th of August 2020. The village that has more than 300 homes and the residents are living in the village for more than 40 years ago and no one has exposed to them until in late August 2020 where the Iranian association “Mostazafan” claimed ownership of the village’s land without showing any proof for their words.

Many homes been destroyed and families along with their children were homeless and sleeping in the street without any safe shelter or any alternatives been provided by Iranian occupation regime.

In a similar context, the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has received a video that shows the Iranian occupation regime’s men are destroying and demolition an Ahwazi poor family’s house. In the video that shows the brutality and cruelty exercised by Iranian regime men in demolishing Ahwazi home, the Ahwazi woman said “why don’t you all not showing mercy with us?  why are you demolition our home? I don’t have money to give you as bribery.” 

The video that recorded recently during “Muharram” Islamic month in which it is forbidden to execute or do anything against poor or innocent people but we can see that the regime that is pretending to be Islamic and obeying Islamic rule, is not respecting the harmless people during this month and continue violating human rights even in a forbidden month.

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