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Hefty charges against Ahwazi protested prisoners in Sheyban Prison

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has received a document from its reliable sources within Al-Ahwaz about heavy charges been ruled against dozens of Ahwazi prisoners that were protesting on 30-31 of March 2020.

Dozens of Ahwazi prisoners in Sheyban prison protested on Tuesday the 31st of March 2020 against the lack of medical care been provided by prison authorities and concern over the widespread of the COVID-19 among Ahwazi prisoners. During the protest, many of Ahwazi prisoners were killed and many others injured critically through direct shooting ( Hunting guns) of prison guards against Ahwazi prisoners.

According to the document the protesting prisoners are accused with the charges in the litigation number 9909976123600300 issued by Branch 101 of the Criminal Court of Bawi County, presided over by Judge “Mansour Moatamedzadeh”, are as follows:

First- Disrupting the public order and tranquillity through controversy and fuss – Causing the murder of 4 Muslim men,

Second- Participation in the following crimes:

A) Deliberate destruction and burning of public property

B) Disruption of public order

C) causing the murder of 5 prisoners.

The prisoners charged with the above charges are as follows:

1- Seyed Mokhtar Alboshokeh, son of Sayed Mohammad

2- Seyed Jaber Alboshokeh, son of Sayed Mohammad

3- Amin Hemidan Zadeh son of Hachem

4- Wahid Almahmoudi

5- Aziz Sharifi son of Adel

6- Ghasem Kaabi

7- Ali Mashaali

8- Nasser Zobeidi

9- Iman Sawari

10- Hakim Baledi

11- Ali Zehiri

12- Ali Jenadeleh son of Abbas

13- Mehdi Khani Pour (Helfi)

14- Majed Abiayat 

15- Habib Sharifi

16- Jassem Haidari son of Kazem

17- Ali Rangrazan

18- Ali Sazdar

19- Jamil Karimian

20- Farid Roumi.

In this lawsuit, only the names of the prisoners who had appealed against the verdicts issued by the First Branch of the Bawi Court are mentioned, and the prisoners who did not object to the decision of the Revolutionary Court are not mentioned in this lawsuit.

the First Branch of the Bawi Court rejected the objection of prisoners against their heavy financial bail. The prisoners’ names are as follows:

21- Morteza Amiri

22- Wahab Bani Malek

23- Abbas Khorshidi

24- Sayed Hossein Hosseini 

25- Ali Jorfi

26- Ali Mazlumi

27- Karim Echresh

Similarly, the First Branch of the Bawi Court rejected the objection of prisoners against their disastrous temporary detentions. The prisoners’ names are as follows:

28- Ali Hamadi

29- Ahmad Obeidawi

30- Hossein Nawaseri.

So far the Iranian criminal regime did not confess about prisoners’ death during protest taken place on 31st of March 2020 while Ahwazi activist has documented more than ten dead and dozens of injuries among Ahwazi prisoners.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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