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New updates about the Ahwazi worker that committed suicide

An Ahwazi worker named Imran Roshani Moghadam that was working in oil company in the city of Howeyzeh, committed suicide in the company field on the 10th of June 2020, due to the employer’s failure to pay his salaries and dues for months in light of the deteriorating his economic conditions.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has followed the story of martyr Imran with reliable sources to get the accurate information about what happened and led Imran to commit suicide and what are the consequences after he ended up his life. 

First martyr Imran is married and has a girl (six years old) and a boy (four years old) and resident of Ahwazi village (or city) of “Omtemier”.

Second and according to one of the sources quoted “What is important to the Iranian officials (especially intelligence service) is neither the death of the man (Imran) nor the fulfillment of his rights, the important thing for them is why and how the news leaked and came out to the media.

Third, after the heinous incident in the oil company, the victim’s brother went to the place that Imran hanged himself, and the video was circulated through social media showing the victim’s brother crying and saying “ Imran situation was so severe that he does not have a mobile phone”. The Iranian occupation intelligence service has arrested Imran’s brother that appeared in the video along with other four workers that were a close friend to Imran on 10th of June 2020.
Imran brother crying

Fourth, Imran has been paid his last payment that is an amount of 30 Million Rials ( about 150 USA dollars) in the last month of the Iranian calendar ( that is Esfand). The payment includes his salary, Eidy, and end of the year rewards, that shows Iranian salary discrimination against Ahwazi worker. According to sources, that a basic oil company worker would receive just a salary much higher than the mentioned figure (30 million rials) and how did the company pay Imran salary and Eidy and rewards for only 30 million Rials??

After the last month payment ( Esfand i.e. last Iranian calendar month), and as contractor company i.e.  “Nazm Afarinan Iman” brought new contract to be signed by all workers where Imran did not sign due to the unfairness of the contract, which mostly resulted in the loss of the workers and in favor of the contractor, and with the slightest excuse, the contractor was allowed to fire us and took away many of worker’s benefits, such as payment of bad weather, Imran been sacked from his job in early Iranian new year’s day (Farvardin month) without any explanation from the company. Imran was confused and did not understand the reasons behind his dismissal until after passing three months (Khordad) from his expelling, he has been told by the contracting company that if he wants to return to the job he must sign a new unfair contract.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has understood that the workers’ dismissal including martyr Imran was due to COVID-19 break given to the workers and the contractor company(“Nazm Afarinan Iman”) dismissed workers for three months in order to not paying salaries in the given government break time.

Fifth, a meeting was held at the permanent camp of Yadavaran Square on Friday the 12th of June 2020 with the presence of Yadavaran Project Manager, Hojjat Norouzi and his deputies and Managing Director of “Nazm Afarinan Iman”, colonel Hejazi and his deputies, CEO of Oil Development Engineering Company, Mehrabi and his deputies, intelligence service forces and domestic news and media agencies including “yjc” and Arabic pro-regime media to counter the media pressure (attacks) caused by the foreign media.

In the meeting it was decided to check the deceased’s account, which the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights believe that the deceased’s account will be filled money with the coordination of intelligence service to refute foreign media claim.

Also during the meeting the managing director of “Nazm Afarinan Iman”, criminal colonel Hejazi stated that “the Chinese companies and workers have left Iran in November 2019”. The ACHR fully believes that the criminal Hejazi is lying and Chinese workers and companies have left Iran on March 2020 due to the widespread COVID-19 in Iran.

Chinese companies have paid all the Iranian oil companies and workers’ salaries and dues up to March 2020 before they leave Iran and from March 2020 onwards the Chinese oil company in Iran has reached a deal with “Iran Ofogh” contracting company to pay all the salaries until the Chinese companies are coming back to Iran. “Iran Ofogh” is a “CTEP” refinery repair and maintenance contractor.

Sixth, criminal Hejazi is a very influential person, and when the tender for the protection ( or security) of the Yadevaran oil field was supposed to be held last year, all contracting companies suddenly disappeared and the contract of the  “Nazm Afarinan Iman”, was extended for the sixth consecutive year.

Seventh, the Ahwazi oil field workers got more oppressed since the change of the employer’s management team. Criminal Hojjat Norouzi was director of Azadeghan oil field and despite he has a poor record of management in the Azadeghan, without any rational reason, he has been promoted to director of the Yadevaran oil field. Since the new management of the Yadevaran oil field Ahwazi workers discrimination been intensified in such a way that criminal Norouzi began to dismiss the majority of Arab workers and replace them with settlement workers that are coming from Persian provinces.

 Eighth the contractor company “Nazm Afarinan Iman” on Thursday the 18th of June 2020, has forged document such as Bank Statement and Addiction Treatment Centre (rehabilitation centre) to show that Imran has been paid all salary fully and was a drug-addicted man (Imran was not smoking even) for the documentary that going to be published in the near future.

More information about Imran suicide please follow the link:

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights 

28 June 2020

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