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The assassination of an Ahwazi activist in the hospital

 An Ahwazi activist, named Nasser Aleaabi son of Ali (picture)was assassinated by the Iranian authorities in a hospital in Ahwaz in recent days. The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights learned through its reliable sources that the assassination of one of the Ahwazi activists, Naser Ali Aleaabi, took place at the hospital on Monday the 15th of June 2020. 

Naser ‘s health condition has deteriorated on that day and so he was taken to the hospital. There arrived two agents of the Iranian intelligence whom entered his room and injected him with a liquid that was not prescribed for him. They then quickly exited the room and that was when Naser’s condition became worse and he died on the spot. The hospital did not provide any information as to who those people were and what substance they injected Naser with and why.

Martyr Nasser Aleaabi is married and has a child. He was an educated young man and interested in educating the Ahwazi young about their identity, stolen rights, and Iranian occupation crimes that are committed daily against the defenseless Ahwazi people. 

He was arrested by the Iranian occupation intelligence a year ago due to his activities and he was temporarily released on hefty bail.

The Iranian occupation authorities assassinated many Ahwazi activists in a similar way, just as they killed the martyr poet Star Abu Sorour in 2012, the martyr poet Hassan Haidari in November 2019.

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