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Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights calls upon Turkish authorities to release the Baloch activist

According to Balochi human rights activists stated to the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that a Balochi civil and cultural activist has been arrested by Turkish intelligence service on early hours of Thursday the 11th of June 2020.

Mr. Abdullah Bozorgh Zadeh who has sought asylum to the United Nation refugee office, was living in Ankara city where he was arrested. Mr. Abdullah Bozorgh Zadeh, a civil activist, and political researcher, due to his leadership of a civil protest in Baluchistan (occupied by Iran), to protest against the rape of 41 Baloch girls by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the Baluchistan city of the Iranshahr and demanding that the perpetrators must be kept accountable, was arrested for several months by Iranian intelligence service and sentenced to 11 years in prison, and was released on bail of 120 million Toman, whereupon his release he has fled Iran to Turkey. 

In contact from ACHR to detainee’s brother that is Mr. Habibollah Baloch who is Secretary-General of Baluchistan National Solidarity Party stated: “ From Wednesday evening until Thursday noon, my brother Abdullah’s news was cut off from us, as on Thursday afternoon, I received a text message from him that he was arrested by the Turkish Intelligence Service and he will be released after an hour, but until this moment he is still in custody and has not been released .”

“I asked Abdullah what did they tell you and why were you arrested? He answered, that the intelligence service told me, the reason for your arrest that your residence permit is expired in Turkey, so I told them I have a permit to renew the residence permit and I have an appointment to renew the residence, and according to the Turkish law, the holder of this permit does not have any legal problem until he ends his administrative procedures, as well as why My arrest by the Turkish intelligence service, not the police! And from my house at night.” Mr. Habibollah added.

Mr. Habibollah continued “ My brother Abdullah was arrested by the Iranian Intelligence Service, due to his protest against the violation of the rights of Baluchi  girls, and he was sentenced to eleven years in prison, which forced him to leave Iran, seek asylum in Turkey, and obtain legal residence in Turkey, since it is surprising that the Turkish Intelligence Service is arresting a resident Because of the residency, and all speculation indicates pressure and a deal made between Turkey and the Islamic Republic of Iran to deport him to Iran, as I and his family are very suspicious and concerned about this.”

ACHR believes that the Baluch activist Mr. Abdullah Bozorgh Zadeh is under risk of deportation and handed over to the Iranian criminal regime by Turkey. The centre is hoping the deport act does not happen as this endangers life’s of innocent people and damage Turkey’s system’s credibility internationally.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights 

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