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Ahwazi extrajudicial killing Continues by Iranian occupation regime

According to Ahwazi local activists who has stated to the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights an Ahwazi young man has been killed today Wednesday the 10th of June 2020.

Martyr Majed Alboghobeish (picture) son of Rahim, 25 years old and resident of Ma’shour city has been shot dead today by Iranian police forces.

Local activist stated that Majed was driving his car on the normal and routine daily life and while he was passing the Iranian police car that were stationed in Ma’shour – Khor Mousa major road, he was shot dead by live bullets.

The sources quoted that the victim’s family does not know the reason behind their son’s killing and opening live bullets without prior notice to their son.

This is not the first time the Iranian occupation regime has killed the Ahwazi young, although on September 04 2019, Ahwazi child Ali Rashedi, 17-year-old  while he was riding his motorcycle in the Khalafieh (Khalafabad in Persian) city when he passed one of the checkpoints looked by IRGC forces. For the ‘crime’ of failing to stop at a poorly marked checkpoint, he was shot in the back and neck and killed.

In a similar matter, Ahwazi young named as Bassem Alboghobeish, 28 year old was shot and killed on his motorcycle in the Falahieyh (Shadegan in Persian) city by IRGC-linked forces. on August 13 2019, another Ahwazi young man in his twenties, Mohammed Sari, was gunned down by Basij forces in Ahwaz capital while riding his motorcycle. 

on August 11 2019, Abbas Amiri, 19-year old and his cousin were driving from Ahwaz capital to Toster city when their car was fired by Basij forces, who later claimed that the vehicle was speeding,

Abbas has die as result of severe bleeding and his cousin was wounded badly. 

On June 22 2019, a motorcyclist identified as Hamza Saaduni was shot in the head and instantly killed by a police officer in Ahwaz capital after ignoring the officer’s order to stop.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights 

10 June 2020

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