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An Ahwazi young worker hanged himself at work due to non-payment of salary

According to the news received from “Yadavaran” oil field located in Ahwazi Howeyzeh city, today, Wednesday morning, 10 June 2020, a young Ahwazi man named as Imran Roshani Moghadam, hanged himself in an oil well registered as (F19), due to non-payment of monthly salaries for several months by the “Nazm Afarinan Iman” contractor company.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has got in touch with an Ahwazi worker from the same field to find out about the sad incident, the worker said “ We have been working at the Yadavaran oil field for many years and in the last few months, the “Nazm Afarinan Iman” contractor company headed by IRGC Colonel Hejazi has brought us a new contract, which we all had to sign. But due to the unfairness of the contract, which often resulted in the loss of the workers and in favour of the contractor, and with the slightest excuse, the contractor was allowed to fire us and took away many of our benefits, such as payment of bad weather, we refused to sign it.”

“ However, the pressure on us (workers) increased day by day and no one supported anyone of the workers despite we informed many responsible, and even in a meeting held in Howeyzeh governorate with the presence of the deputy governor and the head of the Howeyzeh intelligence office, the result that guaranteed the workers’ rights did not achieved. however, due to our continued struggle to chage the company rules, the terms of the contractor’s company did not change until we had forcibly to sign that contract.” The worker added.

The worker which is close friend of the victim said “ The sad story of my friend that hanged himself is that due to the very low and insignificant salary of the company, which is not enough for a week to feed the family, after two months of delay in the payment of salaries, Mr. Imran calls the company and informs them that he has nothing left to give it to his woman and his children, and he is unable to provide or buy the bread, and surprisingly he has faced with the company reception’s reply that we do not have a salary. Unfortunately, he decides to commit suicide and hangs herself in an oil well named as (F19).”

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

June 10, 2020 

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