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Land expropriation continues in Al-Ahwaz

The Iranian criminal regime officials continuing confiscating of Ahwazi people lands under several pretext to displace and migrate Ahwazi Ahwazis from their ancestors land.

This terrible crime of confiscating and demolition of Ahwazi lands and homes has been accelerated since current regime appeared on the scene more than four decade ago.

Many Ahwazi people while having their own home’s deed ( document), has lost their property such as farming land or home or even lands they are not suitable for cultivation, after an Iranian contractor or IRGC personnel or governmental staff that are backed or even Persian settlers backed by regime itself appear with document that shows their ownership to the properties.

The FAKE document that were produced by regime’s related offices and people to confiscate and impoverish the Ahwazi in wider context.

In the attached YouTube video from Ahwaz capital, shows one of the Iranian contractors with help of municipality’s workers and along with loader came to demolition one of the Ahwazi home on “Korush” district of Ahwaz capital.

The Ahwazi man and his family has shocked and confused after seeing the scene when the contractor has showed document viewing (wrongly) the ownership and wanted to demolition the home.

While the father is sitting in front of the loader not to allow them to demolition his home, the elder son has continue his argue with the contractor and after the contractor realized video is in progress by one of the Ahwazi resident, he pretended opposite way and tried to stay away from camera.

video of land confiscation in Ahwaz capital

Ahwazi land confiscation, demolition of their homes continue unabated without any condemnation from United Nations or any other affiliated organisations.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

June 10, 2020 

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