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Execution of an Ahwazi prisoner in front of his brother’s eyes

The sad story starts when the Iranian intelligence service has arbitrary raided some of the Susa (Shush Persian name) villages during the October 2015 and arrested number of Ahwazi young including Hassan Karamolah Kaab, resident of “Shawour” village along with his brother Mr. Abdullah Karamolah Kaab and Mr. Ghasem Beit Abdullah.

Mr. Abdullah Karamoalah Kaab, born in 1980, married with three children from the “Shawour” village and Mr. Ghasem Beit Abdullah, born in 1986, married, had two children from the villages of “Beit Derchal”  the captives were arrested on October 21, 2015, along with seven others detainees by the Iranian Intelligence service.

Mr. Ghasem and Mr. Abdullah has been sentenced to “Moharebeh (Enemy-with-God)” and then sentenced to death in the first branch of Ahwaz Revolutionary Court, when the judge accused them for communication with the outside world, membership in opposition groups and propaganda against the regime. All defendants in the court denied the allegations made against them.

Unfortunately both Mr. Ghasem and Mr. Abdullah has been executed on 4th of August 2019 in Dezful prison without informing their families or appointed lawyers.

 Abdullah’s brother that is Hassan Karamolah Kaab been sentenced to several years imprisonment and since October 2015, Hassan was severing his prison sentence when he was released by heavy financial bail after his health condition deteriorated. Hassan was treating himself due to severe torture been exercised against him by Iranian security service officers in which he has been arrested exactly one day before the execution of two Ahwazi young.

Hassan was not aware about the second arrest by intelligence service but what he witnessed was heinous and horrifying crime implemented by the hands of intelligence service in Dezful prison.

On early hours of Sunday the 4th of August 2019, Hassan been taken to place that is unknown to him, until he saw both Ahwazi young (Abdullah (Hassan’s Brother) and Ghasem) are standing in the prison execution yard and the execution’s robe was around their neck. Hassan got upset after he saw the scene and moment before the execution starts, one of the security officers told Hassan  that “ IF YOU DARE AND ABLE,GO AND SAVE YOUR BROTHER’S LIFE”. And then the officer and in front of Hassan ‘eyes ordered start of the execution.

After the execution, and by one of the prison officer Hassan returned to his yard. Hassan wishes to die and not seeing his brother execution. After psychological and moral torture, Hassan was released on Tuesday the 7th of April 2020.

According to reliable source stating that Hassan’s health is at its worse situation and he suffers from flashbacks and is not able to sleep at nights.

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