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The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights calls upon the governments of Denmark and the Netherlands to reveal the true reasons behind the recent arrests of the Ahwazi people


Rt Hon Mette Frederiksen MP

Denmark Prime Minister

Rt Hon  Jeppe Kofod MP

The Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs

Rt Hon  Mark Rutte MP

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands

Rt Hon  Stef Blok

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights calls upon the governments of Denmark and the Netherlands to reveal the true reasons behind the recent arrests of the Ahwazi people

The Danish and Dutch governments arrested on the third of February 2020 , Four of their Ahwazi-Danish and Ahwazi-Dutch citizens one of them whom worked with the Ahwazna TV channel. The Danish government (according to the local media) accused three of the Ahwazi citizens of espionage as well as carrying out terrorist acts against the very well-known Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The IRGC was already classified as a terrorist organisation last year including its sub-command group, the terrorist Quds Force. The charges included targeting an economic facility in the Ahwazi occupied lands and for promoting violence through the channel, the Netherlands government announced.

The allegations that the Danish and Dutch governments have attributed to the arrested Ahwazis, have become a concern for the Ahwazi general opinion, especially Ahwazi-Danish and Ahwazi-Dutch citizens and residents. Many of them expressed doubts about the accusations attributed to arrestees, rejecting the accusation of espionage or terrorism especially where they themselves are victims of the Iranian regime and their terrorism. Iran and the IRGC has an extensive record in human rights violations and in the savage practice of force against the defenceless Al-Ahwazi Arab people in which many of these have been documented. The international community, the European organizations and the European Parliament, even the Danish and the Dutch authorities has admitted and condemned the Iranian occupation regime for the violations and the mass murdering of the people in its borders.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights, while condemning terrorism in all its forms and stressing the need to respect the law and not to interfere in internal affairs, expresses its confidence in the justice of the judiciary system in the Danish and Dutch countries, known for their integrity, and expresses its thanks to the governments of Denmark, the Netherlands, and the European Union for hosting the Ahwazi refugees who fled from the Iranian terrorism(estimated at hundreds) calls on the two governments to disclose the facts and all the circumstances of the detention, in order to reassure the Ahwazi public and the Ahwazi citizens in Europe. The judiciary and European governments are known for their transparency, impartiality, openness and objectivity dealing with such issues.

The ACFH affirms that the real threat to security and stability in Europe and the world is the Iranian terrorist regime that has occupied Al-Ahwaz since the twentieth of April 1925 and violates international laws and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in all its forms.

Therefore, we call on the two governments to publicize all facts of the court and announce the results and reveal the truth to the world and to the Ahwazi scholars community across the world and the Ahwazi people in Europe in particular, who are now afraid to look into this case due to what Iran has managed to cause to the Ahwazi people in the Denmark and the Netherlands. This is considered a green light to incite and put pressure on the Ahwazi refugees hosting countries and to make false and fabricated accusations against them, thus distorting the fair Ahwazi cause.

Iranian occupation regime violates the international laws and practices excessive violence in the suppression of peaceful demonstrations and commits mass executions of political activists and the civil movement of Ahwazi people and forbids any peaceful action that might allow them to express their concerns or demands. This regime that does not hesitate to kill and does not hesitate to commit any  gruesome crime, the last of which was to kill unarmed, peacefully protesting citizens in broad daylight with live bullets in November 2019 is the best testimony to the crimes of the Iranian regime. We should not forget the shooting down of the Ukrainian plane and killing all the innocent passengers on the plane and the deliberate cover up of the spread of the COVID-19 in Iran’s map are all just some of the recent examples.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

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