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A Young Ahwazi Man Set Himself on Fire

A young Ahwazi man set himself on fire in front of the public in Al-Ahwaz, according to the local in South of Al-Ahwaz. On Sunday (January 26), a video published on a website about the incident. The site did not mention the name of the young man, but revealed that he had burned himself, due to financial and living problems in Nadri Street in Al-Ahwaz and in front of the public and the young man was taken to hospital.

Previously, 4 veterans of the Iran-Iraq war set themselves on fire in Qom, less than 3 months ago. According to published media reports, two of the four died, due to a lack of support services for treatment and psychological and legal counseling by the Shahid Foundation in Qom, while precise information is not available on the fate of the other two.

Reported by: Aref Baghlani

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