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Iranian criminal regime arrests more Ahwazi citizens

According to the reliable sources quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights that the Iranian criminal regime has arrested two brothers and took them to unknown distention on Monday 23rd of December 2019.

The Iranian intelligence service while they were in civil and military clothing, has surrounded the house of Ahwazi prisoner Mr. Hassan Bavi, single, 30 years old  and working as postman in one of the Ahwaz capital post office, and took him to undetermined location, on Monday evening of December 2019.

During the raid and arrest and with purpose of arresting Hassan, his elder brother Mr. Mohammad Bavi was at home and one the Iranian intelligence service handcuffed him and took him with Hassan.

Mohammad Bavi, 33 years old, married and has two children working as taxi driver without any previous convictions or charges, has been arrest along with his brother Hassan without prior notice or legal warrant.

The Ahwazi centre for Human Rights has contacted detainees’ brother that seek asylum and reside in United Kingdom, Mr. Ali Bavi and stated that his brother Mohammad was subjected to severe and barbaric torture despite being arrested “by mistake” when he was at home during Hassan raid and arrest in late December last year.

“Hassan had been subjected to horrific physical and psychological torture, which had left very serious psychological effects on him and he find difficulty from recovering from these negative effects and returning to his normal lives again” Ali added.

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