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An Ahwazi prisoner critical situation in Ahwazi Sheyban prison

An Ahwazi prisoner named as Mr. Abbas Cheldawi, son of Farhood, 38, married and resident of “Althoura” district of Ahwaz capital and were arrested on Wednesday the 13th of November 2019, due to heart disease, his condition at Sheyban prison has deteriorated.

Abbas Chaladawi was arrested by the Iranian intelligence service following the suspected death of Ahwazi poet Hassan Haidari on 11th of November 2019. 

Prisoner Cheldawi prior to his arrest, he has had an operation of installing of heart spring in Tehran, and he did not attend the Ahwazi poet mourning due to his surgery and health. However, Iranian security service arrest Ahwazi people who have had history of arrest or imprisonment whenever there is a demonstration or rally.

Mr. Abbas Chaladawi has been imprisoned twice for his political and cultural activities. He was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment, and the second time to two and a half years and this is the third time that he was detained without any reason or legal warrant.

Mr. Abbas Chaladawi’s brother stating that “ Abbas’s health is very bad, and even the medications that his surgery’s doctor has prescribed for him are not giving to him despite we have taken them to the prison. Drugs enter the prison easily, but prison’s incharge prevent a patient’s prescription medication from being entered to the prison.”

“They told the family: Send Abbas’s drugs to Imam Jafar Sadegh pharmacy in Ahwaz capital and the pharmacy will be brought medication to prison. The family gave the medication to the pharmacy and even paid for its transfer cost and the pharmacy staff told them we sent the medicine, but officials at Shayban prison say the treatments were not presented to us. “, brother added.

Ali added: “The institution that detained my brother for no reason is responsible for his health. Abbas is currently being held in the Ahwaz central prison (Shayban Prison) and needs to see a cardiologist and a hospital doctor on a regular basis. “

It is worth to mention that Abbas’s brother Abdullah Cheldawi is in the same prison (Sheyban) for more than one and half year in section (ward) five of the prison and without trail.

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