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Internet Shutdown Aimed to Hide Another Mass Murder by Iran Regime

By Hossein Bouazar

Anti-government protests erupted across Iran over petrol price hikes. The new energy policy appeared to be the latest attempt by the Islamic Republic to manage an economic crisis worsened by American sanctions that have sharply reduced oil exports. Internet disrupted in Iran by the Iranian regime amid fuel protests in multiple cities. Iran is used the very same technique to silent the protesters in Iraq.

The U.S. is sanctioning the Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Mohammad Jahromi, for helping shut down the Iranian internet. We will hold members of the Iranian regime accountable for their violent repression of the Iranian people. #Internet4Iran

Participants chanted slogans against Rouhani and Khamenei.
The Iranian occupation authorities attacked the Ahwazi citizens in the city of Zawiya and start a campaign of arbitrary arrests.

Credible Ahwazi sources confirmed that the Iranian authorities attacked at dawn, Wednesday, November 20, 2019. Iranian thugs (Iranian security forces) entered the houses and bedrooms and arrested a large number of young and elderly Ahwazi Arabs to create fear among Ahwazi people.

They transferred them to unknown location. The sources confirmed that the authorities threatened the families to extradite the family members.

On the other hand, Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights received the names of some of the detainees;

  • Abdul Jalil Mazra’awi 32
  • Abbas Mazra’awi, 35, married
  • Azim Mazra’awi, 58
  • Hamed Mazra’awi, 24
  • Mehdi Mazra’awi, 34
  • Abdul-Ali Mazra’awi, 35
  • Amir Mazra’awi 34
  • Hossein Al-Kaabi, 23
  • Abdul Imam Al-Humaidi 25
  • Said Sayyah, 23
  • Majid Zarkani, 27
  • Zahir Mazra’awi, 26

Also, Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights received the names of some of the protesters who were killed by the Iranian regime;

  • Hadi Ghorbani
  • Shabnam Dianee
  • Ehsan Abdulah-Nejad
  • Ahmad Hashmdar
  • Ali Baghlani
  • Hassan Kazem Al-tamimi
  • Meysam Adigipour
  • Seyed Ahmad Jagouleh
  • Ali Ghazlawi
  • Mansour Drees
  • Mohsen Albou-Ali
  • Ahmad Khajeh al-Boghli
  • Mohammad Khalidi
  • Youssef Khalidi
  • Ali Khaje Alba’li
  • Abbas Asakereh
  • Mohammad Hossein Ghanavati
  • Hamid Alshikhani
  • Mehrdad Dashti Zadeh
  • Mahmoud Dashti Zadeh
  • Farzad Ansari
  • Ali Khaje Alba’li
  • Abbas Asakereh
  • Youssef Khalidi
  • Seyed Ahmad Mousavi
  • Meysam Atiqi
  • Ebraham Motouri
  • Meysam Meniat
  • Khaled Meniat
  • Milad Hamidawi
  • Mohammad Reza Zargani
  • Meysam Mojadam
  • Ms Atghy
  • Reza Atia Altamimi
  • Reza Asakereh
  • Mansour Albawi
  • Qasim Bawi
  • Mohammad Khaleghi
  • Adnan Helali
  • Mojtaba Ebadi

We are deeply concerned at reports of killings and injuries, and that the authorities may have used excessive force against those participating in the protests.

Pulling the plug on internet access points to wider concerns of censorship, the independent experts said: “A country-wide network shutdown of this kind clearly has a political purpose: to suppress the right of Iranians to access information and to communicate at a time of rising protest. Such an illegitimate step deprives Iranians not only of a fundamental freedom but also basic access to essential services”, they explained.

The authorities must end this brutal and deadly crackdown immediately and show respect for human life. Iran: More than 100 protesters believed to be killed as top officials give green light to crush protests.

We, the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR), concerns, while Ahwazi Arabs faced continued oppression and discrimination, the most significant human rights issues included a high number of executions for false confession and false crimes without fair trials of individuals. Torture; harsh and life-threatening prison conditions; arbitrary detention and imprisonment; of hundreds of political prisoners, are just few examples of how the Iranian regime violates the human rights.

We, the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR), strongly condemns Iran’s plan to execute Ahwazis. We are calling upon Mr. Javaid Rehman the United Nations special rapporteur for situation of human rights in Iran and Mrs Agnes Callamard the UN special rapporteur on extra-Judicial execution to intervene and stopping Iranian criminal regime from executing innocent prisoners that were arrested without any legal warrant.

Hossein Bouazar is a human rights activist from the Ahwaz region in Iran. He writes about human rights abuses committed on the Arab Ahwazi.

The Media Centre for Ahwazi Revolution – The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front

Date: 25/11/2019

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