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Ramez city’s surrounding villages are suffering from water scarcity

Large number of Ahwazi Ramez (Ramhormoz Persian name) city’s villages are suffering from shortage of drinking and daily use water for several months without any real move been taken by Iranian occupation regime to help affected people.

Villages such as “Ein Hadad”, “Ein Kora”, “Alhoyer”, “Gharganeh”, “Ein Hamad”,Albeseitin”, “Ghoyeleh Alsadah”, “Ghoyeleh Naghed” and other enormous villages are suffering from absence of drinking water and inhabitants must commute long distance (kilometres) to buy their drinking water.

Its only 4 to 5 months that Al-Ahwaz region has witnessed its disastrous man-made flood, in which more than 235 villages and cities were sank under water, despite the Iranian criminal official prevented Ahwazi farmers under pretext of water unavailability behind the dams!

Also according to Iranian representative in Al-Ahwaz region, due to recent flood the water availability beyond dams has increased to 75% while in contrast the people who are in desperate and constant need of drinking water increasing on daily basis.

Meantime the Iranian pro-media are publishing news citing from the officials in the region that in the coming weeks there will flood in Al-Ahwaz worsen than the previous one that can leave the region with catastrophic phenomena .

Written by: Ali Bouzar

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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