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Iranian regime intensifies its extrajudicial killing against Ahwazis by using live bullets

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has received large number of reports from Ahwazi activists within Al-Ahwaz that illustrate the raise of Iranian extrajudicial killing against Ahwazi people specially young in recent days of writing this report.

As the tension escalate between Iranian criminal regime and USA, the Iranian regime has turned Al-Ahwaz ( mainly Khuzestan, Bushehr and Hormozgan provinces) to military barracks in which military checkpoints been installed in almost everywhere in the region to terrorize and horrify the people from any movement against the regime.

Mr. Abbas Amiri (Profile picture) is an Ahwazi young with age of 19, was shot dead by Iranian occupation regime forces on Sunday the 11thof August of 2019,  while he was going to “Toster” city by his car along with his cousin, and in shocking event, they had encounter with mass live bullets shooting towards them, led to death of Mr. Amiri immediately after their car been overturn multiple time before fully stopping.

While the Iranian live bullets has exploded the car’s front tyre led to wounding the cousin severely and three bullets entered body of Martyr Amiri (two in the chest and one in the kidney), the Iranian police did not call for emergency ambulance or any first aid workers (!) as it shows it is revenge that is exercised against defendless Ahwazi people.

The Iranian occupation authorities had announced a few hours after incident  that its security forces targeted at dawn of Sunday a car was (suspected) that it was carrying drugs !!

The Ahwazi people know that whatever said by the Iranian occupation authorities are just false statements in order to justify their crimes against innocent Ahwazi people.

In similar context, the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has received another video of two Ahwazi young that were shot with live bullets in recent days.

As it clear in the video, the two young were shot in the kidney and the leg, while they are bleeding and fall out on the ground and left without primary care for treatment. One of the Ahwazi old man  who is wearing traditional Arabic keffiyeh and present at the time of incident, has gave it’s keffiyeh to put it around the victim’s leg to stop further bleeding .

According to the local activist quoted to Ahwazi centre that the two Ahwazi young were riding their bike as normal and have faced with mass shooting from the forces who were hiding behind the trees at night time. The Ahwazi young did not see the forces unless they could stop if the checkpoint was clear.

Basem Alboghobeish

Another example of the extrajudicial killings of Ahwazis is Mr. Basem Alboghobeish from the Ahwazi Falahieyh (Shadegan) city.  Mr. Basem and his cousin Mr. Salman Alboghobeish were riding their bike as IRGC terrorist forces has opened fire towards them, killing Basem immediately and his cousin left with sustained serious injuries on Thursday the 15thof August 2019.

Salman Alboghobeish

According to reliable source within Falahieyh city quoted to Ahwazi Centre that Mr. salman Alboghobeish while he in hospital for treatment, was kidnapped by IRGC forces on Friday the 16thof August 2019.

Reza Mahawi

Mr. Reza Mahawi is another Ahwazi young that were shot dead by Iranian police in recent years.

Adel Abdolrahim a distinguished Ahwazi political activist based in Australia writes in his Facebook about the extrajudicial killings of Ahwazis in 2005 as saying “He was brave and fearless, and after the uprising of 2005, he ushered in struggling against the Iranian regime oppression although he was still young. He had no fear. He engaged in awareness-raising works classified as dangerous. He is Reza Mahawi, my sister’s son. He was killed by the police forces recruited from other parts of Iran in one of the streets of Althoura district where many young people were killed due to the hatred hidden in the hearts of the regime personnel who come to Ahwaz with their hearts filled with hatred towards  Ahwazi Arabs people.”

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights strongly condemns the Iranian regime extrajudicial killings of Ahwazis and calls upon Dr. Agnes Callamard, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial to condemn the Iranian criminal policies against defendless Ahwazi people.

Written by Hossein Abdolkhani

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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